@Maya @maperal @huitlacoche @snowdusk @Gemlog @claudiom @buttstuf @hardmous @antonio @tilderadio Buenas noches, amigos y amigas! It's that time of the week again. This week I am featuring norteño-techno Mexican techno fusion from the Nortec Collective on the #copaceticmusichour! Tune in Friday 10 pm EDT on tilderadio or Saturday 8 pm EDT on anonradio.

@guofu @huitlacoche @Maya @maperal @snowdusk @Gemlog @buttstuf @hardmous @antonio @tilderadio Buttstuf, you should definitely listen to this archive when you can if you can't catch the show. Choice stuff! 💯


@guofu Thanks guofu for the great show. I enjoyed it a lot.

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@antonio You are very welcome @antonio!! Please feel free to request an artist.

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