@kelbot @nytpu @goosey @ajroach42 @claudiom @antonio I am very excited to announce my #TI-95 #Arduino-based #cassette #interface replacement/emulator now works great! I can now store #keystroke "cassette" files on a PC or send them from the #PC to the TI-95's program memory space via Arduino Leonardo. I plan to sell these prebuilt and preprogrammed for $25 a piece. Further documentation and #video demos are coming soon.


@guofu Sounds like a fun project. How did you figure out the correct speed of the pulse?

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@antonio Watching times between pin change interrupts, plus some priors about the TI cassette format from the TI-99/4A.

@guofu I have zero experience with Arduino so I don’t know how hard this is, but congratulations on the project!

@antonio Not too bad! Receiving was easy, sending was hard! Thanks!!

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