@ChrisWere hey Chris you got a broken link on the file. You used mv instead of mc for the start of the name. Maybe it was a trick to see if we would guess the right one?

Another Bandcamp Friday coming up tomorrow. isitbandcampfriday.com/ Let's go shopping! 🎵 🎸

I've put a new Aprilcast up on #gemini

Why I'm still on #Linux Mint Debian Edition and the future of Aprilcast

@adamd @jebug29 Great to hear you are well and it is just the time difference. Looking forward to hanging out with you in the chat over the weekend.

x-no-archive:42 starting now. tilderadio.org irc:tilde.chat #tilderadio post-punk post-rock shoegaze math-rock noise

@peron yeah the idea came to me. I remember playing with it when I was younger. 😃

@guofu oh! I never did anything that advanced on my flip phone. But you have a good point.

now listening to DJ Mentos The Fresh Maker @mcornick on #Tilderadio Tune in now!


... then my show The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour comes next at 01:00 UTC

Chat with us on IRC!


I went live for the first time on aNONradio today. Played four Brazilian songs. :) Here is my home setup. I used iziCast app on iPhone and an old iPod. Note the connector is not in all the way. (in red) I did that so my audio cable would behave as a mic connector. The quality wasn't great. Next time I will setup the butt app. Thanks to everyone listening.

💌 I like email. There is no expectation that it is answered quickly, so I can check it once a day, and only on workdays. It's good both for short answers and long-form discussions, with one person or many. It's federated and at least partially decentralised. There's a client serving all kinds of needs, from phones to the command line.

The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on #Tilderadio - Ep 154 - 2021/04/27

Thank you so much for tuning in and for chatting with us on IRC!! 🙏

#minimalWave #coldWave #darkWave #synthPop #live #DJ #InternetRadio #tilde #Tildeverse #nowplaying #np



Poésie Noire - Compjutr Syntax Error
Electro Murdo - Access Denied
Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia
Circuit 7 - India
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Young Shields
Japanther - I 10
MAX I INTRO - Ostavi Sve
Форум – Островок
Aviador Dro - El Retorno de Godzilla (Versión I)
Opera Multi Steel - Massabielle
KaS Product - Tina Town
Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы - Огинский
HNN - A Step Outside (MAKiNA GiRGiR RemiX)
Nine Circles - When I Dance (Version 2014)
SnowyRed - Sinking Down
You Are Number Six - Boys Don't Cry (The Cure Cover)

We are talking about HotDog Web Editor on tilde.chat. Come and join us :)

What's wrong with Ubuntu, free software licences and accidental Morrowind - Trendy Talk share.tube/videos/watch/f6b641

Sometimes I miss flip phones. They were simple, practical. They didn't do much but they were good for their time.

📢 Are you using the latest version of the Nextcloud iOS client?

🆕 3.4.0 brought:
✔️ More context menu options
🖨️ Print directly from your Nextcloud
🎭 ALIAS for your accounts
⚙️ User account management improvements

More improvements!


@snowdusk I will definitely check out the show on sound cloud 👍

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