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@Maya @maperal @antonio @claudiom @snowdusk @huitlacoche @Gemlog @hardmous @buttstuf It's that time of the week again! Time for the eighth episode of the copacetic music hour! This time featuring legendary folk musician of the Brazilian desert northeast Luiz Gonzaga. Tune in at 10 pm EDT tomorrow on @tilderadio or 8 pm EDT on Saturday at #anonradio.

It's that time of the week y'all! Just putting together my playlist for the seventh episode of the #copaceticmusichour with #DJ #guapofu. This time featuring 40s/50s Afro-Cuban singer-songwriter Beny Moré (pictured). As always, Friday 10 pm EDT/0200 UTC on @tilderadio and Saturday 8 pm EDT/0000 UTC on @SDF #anonradio. @snowdusk @huitlacoche @Maya @maperal @claudiom @antonio

Trying out the new official Mastodon app for iPhone

@claudiom Just listen to your show on [HackerPublicRadio]( I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

@snowdusk We will miss you. I hope to see you around the fediverse. Your show is awesome and your energy always lifted me up. Thank you snowdusk! And take care!

for f in {1..100};do L=UNIX;o=convert;k=50;i=0;a=($($o -list font|awk '/nt:/{print $2}'|shuf));x="eval w";s="";w(){ s=$s" -font ${a[$i]} -draw 'text $[k+150*$i],0 ${L:$i:1}'";i=$[++i]; };$x;$x;$x;$x;echo "$o -size 600x400 xc: -gravity west -pointsize 80 $s -negate $f.png";done|sh # Generate an animation of the word UNIX with different fonts. Like in the TV show #Loki.

@gemlog I think she saw your generosity towards the other lady and want to pay you back. There are indeed some really nice ppl out there.

Бронзы Бить Café 80s 50 - Pure 80s

Join Bronzie Beat and the damgüdcyberchatter crew on at 00:00 utc Saturday (that’s today) for a sonic injection of pure 80s party-tune bliss.

We have the premium stuff, and it’s going to be a full-luxury sub-basement party on @SDF COM chat. Plug in your terminal, don your pastel linen blazer and Reeboks, and come chat with the internet technorati like you know your Miami Vice from your Jump Street.

All are welcome! 💜💚😎🤓🥸🥳👽🤖

@ohhelloana Congrats on the new design and congrats on becoming a British citizen.

Praise Then Darkness, my show on anonradio, starts soon at 3:00 central time or 20:00 UTC! This week - These Western Concerns / On a Plane / And the Day Goes On. Didn't get to an announcement sooner haha :-) - Tune in if your ears are free! I'll be in COM chat also :-)

@guofu Sorry a missed your shows this week. I am catching up with it in the archives and loving it!

Бронзы Бить Café 80s 49 - TEST PLAN ZERO

Gate your drums and acidify your house; at <<00:00 utc Saturday — that’s today>> it’s time to join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew for a serve of delectable late-80s dancefloor-ready cultural comestibles of the sonic persuasion.

Come hang your textual telepresence in the SDF COMmode, and chat with the eclectic global digerati like it’s 1987. All are welcome - the damgüdcyberchatters only bite when asked to. 💜🧡💚👽😈🤠🧑🏽‍🎤😸

This is a cool video from Steve Wozniak. The background behind this video is that the organizer for "Right to Repair" commissioned via Cameo from Mr. Wozniak.
He says that Apple wouldn't exist if he haven't grown up in a very open technology world.

@sean check out I haven’t used but have heard good things. €3.49/month for 100GB

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