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been messy af making my accounts but for now I have everyone followed on both because I feel like my other account is going to have more content regarding activism and this one will be my more personal acc (so feel free to unfollow this or the other if they're not your jam)

speculations on allistic vs. autistic behavior 

Poker culture has the idea of "levels of thinking."

Level 1 is "Which cards do I have?"

Level 2 is "Which cards does my opponent have?"

Level 3 is "Which cards do they think I have?"

Level 4 is "Which cards do they think that I think they have?"

And so forth, recursive without limit unless one puts a stop to such thinking. The Sicilian from The Princess Diaries died from overthinking the problem at hand.

The hypothesis: Allistic people tend to start at level 3-5, the autistic people tend to start at levels 1-2, and this discrepancies creates much of the social disharmony between the groups.

In the allistic social world, presenting as level 1-2 looks like a "big brain," higher-level play and the allistic person recurses their thinking in response. But since the autistic person is sincere, there's no level of recursive thinking at which the allistic person can "beat them at their own game" since they're not even playing at anything. This futility frustrates the allistic person, who wants to understand their counterpart, and frustrates the autistic person, who wants to understand what's right in front of them. Functional relationships and effective communication lies in the middle.


fucking incredible how we’ve all collectively decided that products labelled ‘for dry skin’ and ‘for greasy hair’ mean exactly the opposite

Find the things that matter, and hold on to them, and fight for them, and refuse to let them go.

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.

questions their very state of existence

sunrise is for the strong
the suns amongst our midst
those who walk their own wild path
and forget that they'll be missed

twilight is for lovers
who lay beneath the trees
holding deep conversations upon
mountains, hilltops and balconies

sunset is for the lonely
the hopeless and the brave
the boys all filled with bitterness
and girls waiting to be enslaved

twilight is for lovers
and those who watch the sea
so I'll take the sunrise
and the sunset handed to me

The tangle of Mother Nature running her bristle fingers through my newly washed hair

Her breath, cold like peppermint, on my skin, awakening me with new truths

Her hair, whipping my face with its power and floral smelling beauty, forcing me to remember the old truths in order to let them go

They say we regenerate, that our cells replace themselves every seven years or so

But I daresay my mind does so every day.

be kind to yourself, this cancer full moon energy might keep us in its grip until Thursday-Friday

how has everyone been feeling?
For me: fresh and new although groggy, as though I've just stopped crying my heart out

also, horny

even cool air basking
the soft ripples spread
the wind is strong

Holy shit there are SO MANY #QUEER #TRANS AND #NONBINARY people on this platform!


Enokis! Did you know that enoki mushrooms cultivated indoors looks completely different from enoki grown in the wild? Like an enoki, when people are given space and freedom to grow, when people are nurtured and loved as they are, they grow to be wildly different from one another. What would the world look like if we weren’t so concerned with shaping one another into what we are supposed to be?
#TheNudeNeedle #Nonbinary #Mushrooms #Embroidery #WeirdArt #NonbinaryArtist #TheyThem #Trans #Queer

my nephew picked out this hat for me yesterday. i spent all my reissue material on it but it's worth it!

sooooo has anyone found out yet if being 24 and feeling 8 is an trauma thing, a personal thing or just another neurodivergent thing I hadn't thought about yet? 😂

spirit said get some fucking sleep (not @ me so if it's applicable, know it's OK to rest lol)

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