@artilectzed I wonder if this will replace the 'recharge to keep your #Sojourner alive' mechanism?

That's what I'm thinking, as well. This feels like it was bolted on.

@artilectzed the Mark I makes me think we'll get other types too eventually. I really hope we won't get more powerful ones that can attack portals too, as hard to reach portals, or those on locations with limited access, would be even less safe from spoofers.

@FiXato I've long had a hope for something that would ferry gear between portals, like a vacuum tube. A mark II that would explode gear at a destination portal would make me happy. One time use, not recoverable, and the first person to pick stuff up would get it, travelling down links. Couldn't carry much, maybe 10 or 20 items max.

But that's just my wishful thinking.

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