If anyone wanted to try Linux for a long time, but just never had a good reason to - now is as good time as any to do this.

@drq I just tested this on my windows 10 laptop. Not only did it give the same "error" message, but it also reset my hosts file to default. 🗡️

@drq @artilectzed Yep, it gives some time to respond to Defender popup and then resets.

It can get funny if someone has a lot of other records in this file because it seems like they are lost without backup.
@shuro @drq @artilectzed ppl were warned Windoze was bad a long ago. since it only got worse.


I hate Windows with a passion, but given my current work situation, I have to keep it as the host OS on this laptop right now :/

@shuro @drq

@iron_bug @drq @shuro @artilectzed Not sure what your work is but I ended up running small VM with Windows for Win-only things.

I still have double boot but I load Windows very rarely these days.

@shuro Database admin in a Windows-only shop.
The bios is locked down so I can't boot it off other things.
Screwing with it for a dual boot would be grounds for termination. @iron_bug @drq

@iron_bug @drq @shuro @artilectzed Ouch. Not very employee-friendly. I mean it makes sense to lock down corporate devices which are given to users and are on IT support but locking down admin laptops (which have local admin privilege anyway) is kind of weird.

Myself I don't really hate Windows, it has its niche so far. But I like choice.

@shuro It's frustrating given that only one piece of my tool chain doesn't have a linux port at this point, but they do pay me pretty damn well, so... yeah. @iron_bug @drq

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