It's weird to me that people don't openly talk about how Elon musk is a fraud when he's done stuff like the child submarines, the plan for fixing traffic by turning the ground under cities into swiss cheese, and the cars that have the hardware for autonomous driving "already installed." They're not even good lies.

I'm guessing it's because he's one of the richest people in the world (depending on how successfully he's juiced his stock via Twitter) and the legally actionable word "fraud" isn't good to throw around when people have money and time

As others have pointed out, more Elon scams:
The Covid ventilation machines that don't work and actually spray particles around, the expensive and inefficient pneumatic tube system, the rockets that continually explode on the launchpads, the plan to clutter up space with an astonishing amount of junk satellites. It just goes on and on.

In case the space junk thing was news to you, it is happening as we speak. SpaceX has a satellite project called Starlink, and they are launching scores of small satellites every couple of weeks.

@InternetEh The satellites for Starlink were designed with 'assisted' deorbting in mind, instead of being left up in orbit to cause problems at some point in the future. They deorbited 47 of them last October. Everything went to plan.

As for it's efficiency: Previous satellite internet deployments put the satellites in a very high orbit, introducing multi-second lag, and extremely slow speeds. They're extremely expensive, $5+/mb of traffic is considered cheap.


@InternetEh The downside of having Starlink sat's in lower orbits is that more of them are required to provide coverage.

Kessler's Syndrome is a valid AF concern with that.

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