It's weird to me that people don't openly talk about how Elon musk is a fraud when he's done stuff like the child submarines, the plan for fixing traffic by turning the ground under cities into swiss cheese, and the cars that have the hardware for autonomous driving "already installed." They're not even good lies.

I'm guessing it's because he's one of the richest people in the world (depending on how successfully he's juiced his stock via Twitter) and the legally actionable word "fraud" isn't good to throw around when people have money and time

As others have pointed out, more Elon scams:
The Covid ventilation machines that don't work and actually spray particles around, the expensive and inefficient pneumatic tube system, the rockets that continually explode on the launchpads, the plan to clutter up space with an astonishing amount of junk satellites. It just goes on and on.

@InternetEh Re: rockets blowing up on the launchpads: They're going after re-usable launch vehicles the hard way. Blow stuff up until they figure out how to do it right, every time. The recent Starlink mission was the 9th re-use of a booster.

It's going to get to a point where people will look back and ask why NASA and other space agencies were happy to let tons of rocketry junk just fall into the oceans all the time.


@InternetEh That said, Musk is a prime example of Capitalism. Tesla cars are shit quality. He's happy to cut corners, pushes factory workers too far, etc. I really hate that about him.

He has funded and directed technology shifts that were not thought to be possible, or too expensive, though.

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