Mental health, I'm *not* suicidal. 

The last few weeks, I've been... quieter? than normal. My brain occasionally falls into a loop where every moment I'm not focused on something, I start having fun thoughts like "I'm just going to kill myself" or "let's turbo review for the billionth time all the dumb shit you did over the course of your life and make you feel bad about it. It's like putting an air-raid siren in my ear canal. I've been having to drown the noise out with video games,


Mental health, I'm *not* suicidal. 

and that's given me the time to have conversations with myself, and I guess it's my own self-help ritual.

I go through this not unfrequently. Once or twice a year? I know I've posted about it before.

I have a few people I talk with when it happens, and that's also helpful.

Knowing the triggers is also important. I can lose sight of them sometimes, and when I do, it can hit me a bit harder. I think I missed the warning signs this go-around.


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