Joe Manchin not only opposes the child tax credit but also the clean energy portion of the proposed infrastructure legislation. These are two proposals, among many, that would help the people of West Virginia. The child tax credit alone would lift many West Virginians out of poverty.

WV rankings: #50 Infrastructure, #48 Economy, #45 Education. Dead last in infrastructure? His job as Senator is to bring home federal funding for roads and bridges. Manchin is resisting help for his state's people because it nets him money from coal.

He as governor could have helped green energy companies start up and help transition out of coal but he chose to keep the stranglehold on them with dying industries that benefit his own pocket. He has more blame for his state's situation than anyone else on the entire planet.

Joe Manchin Doesn’t Like What Joe Biden Is Doing:

Why isn't he fighting for companies to provide a living wage and increasing the minimum wage? His decision-making is shallow and doesn't serve his people.

@CarolDanvers @TonyStark He makes too much money off coal, he doesn't want to approve any legislation that will hit him directly in his pocket book. IMO, he became a senator only to protect his income.

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