So I haven't seen any good KAREN viral videos in a while. Hopefully it's because there are fewer of them. Haven't seen many people getting dragged off airlines for refusing to wear masks videos either.

I miss them if I'm being honest.

@Ricardus The Karen pipeline is:

1: Karen recorded on TikTok
2: TikTok video goes 'viral'
3: YouTubers make videos about the TikTok video
4: TikTok video lands in Karen-compilation videos
5: Various bloggy news sites crank out a quick news story about it.

The most recent one I saw was a lady who pulled a microphone out on an airplane, and started ranting about COVID conspiracies over her battery powered loud speaker.

@Ricardus Anyways, the YT algo will probably start shoving more Karen videos into your feed if you watch that. Be warned.

@artilectzed I gotta give them props. Bringing a home made bullhorn onto an airplane to spout your nonsense is next level conspiracy clever. As someone who loves undermining systems I gotta respect it.

Not what she was saying, but her effort to be heard!

@Ricardus I have to admit, I would have gotten in her face and probably have visited prison after the flight landed :/ Her home made bullhorn would have ended up being home made plastic garbage.

@artilectzed I hear that. I have some serious unresolved anger right now, and if I see something really bad, like a douche in a red had being abusive to a minority, I'm afraid Im going to go all hulk on them and end up in jail.


@Ricardus I've landed on "Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey"' a number of times due to Karen videos. He's been showing "Anti-Karen" videos recently, enough that he's got an Avengers style logo for those segments.

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@artilectzed What made me think of Karen videos was because moments before I made my post, I had seen an anti-Karen video. It was of a woman approaching a skateboarder in a park pumping him up and giving him confidence that he will succeed because he's practicing so hard.

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