@michel I don't know what rarefied air she is breathing, but she's living in a fantasy world where bipartisanship still exists. She doesn't seem to understand democracy.

@artilectzed @MariaHill yeah, looking at her career trajectory I doubt she holds many principles anymore beyond "me first". Anything else is just a cover


@michel @MariaHill What really amazes me that her popularity among Arizonans is tanking. The people are *literally telling her* what they want, and she's still being a flippant POS about it. Money and greed have ruined yet another politician.

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@artilectzed @MariaHill she found time to intern at a CA winery, and to travel to Paris while out sick. She clearly has enough money in the coffers courtesy of Big Pharma to give a crap about her constituents

@michel @MariaHill So from October last year, to much more recently, Amy Siskand had this interesting thread:


If true, Sinema think's she's going to be able to just grab the presidency in 2024, and everyone's going to adore her.

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