@artilectzed @publicvoit no shit, right? I keep thinking this every single time I see the phrase “Russian oligarch” repeated all over the place as if it’s some special type of evil billionaire the western world doesn’t have.

@artilectzed yep there is also mansions (good guys) vs compounds (bad guys) for houses.


I don't really get it, I don't see a lot of people* using oligarch but when I do it seems to refer to very rich people (that influences politics), if it doesn't target American billionaires, who ? ._.

(* it is not a really useful word)

Is it an antisemitic dogwhistle or something?

@meena @artilectzed

Selectively to who then ? ^^'

Like when I think "oligarch", I immediately think billionaires (American or French since I'm French), even though it's mostly used by confusionists that don't want to use the word "capitalists" :x

@Nocta @artilectzed it's not to whom, but *by* whom:

(American) english language media

@artilectzed that'll just make Americans turn 'oligarch' into a positive word.

@artilectzed same but also with "regime"
the biden regime
the trump regime
the obama regime

> Normalize X

No. I will normalize nothing. If things are normal, people will be excluded from the excep

@josias @__h2__ @artilectzed @rysiek The only issue is that I'm happy to use Oligarch for people a bit below the $1B threshold.

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