There's always a few left over parts when it's a DIY project, right?

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Woke up this morning to Blaise hopping around on the cage floor, and a few minutes ago he passed away.

Zoop, thankfully, doesn't seem to have the brain power to acknowledge anything is different.

Oh, to be a finch.

Yeah... no. Hopefully's mods are awake to deal with it. link goes directly to a .exe file. Nooooooooooooope.

Or I guess not?

Not my birthday, just trying to find a working date. Nothing is valid. 🤷

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Finally, my keyboard can stop sliding around on these neoprene doorstops I've bene using to tent my keyboard up. And now I can go all the way to 45 degrees.

I'm having a *great* morning. Eventually found that the one of the case top fans was missing *two* fins. No idea where the other one went. Super fun morning.

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