[DFC intensifies]

No more need to keep some free inventory space, at this point. Time to take a month or two fully off.

Just went out and played for the first time in months. I was bored after an hour :/

Started playing in 2016, and up until this last April 1st, I was playing almost daily. I've been relatively silent in game since then. I wanted newer players to have a chance to capture the portals I was holding on to forever, and I was frankly starting to grow bored of the game, finally.

Just took a look in the game, and I'm 52 points away from the platinum hacker badge. It's making me feel resentful that the SEE NUMBERS GO UP part of my brain is twitching to go get the badge, now 😡

It's been 3 or so weeks since I stopped playing regularly. It's a game, but it's an addicting one. It can give you such huge dopamine rewards, that you can lose sight of things, and spend 5 hours driving in circles setting portals and fields up.

They basically figured out a way to dangle a carrot off your smartphone, and get you to chase it forever.

And despite feeling all this about it, I kind of look forward to the month off being over, and getting back in to it.

Taking the month of April off from . I think I'm dealing with it by semi-trolling on the community forums.

¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

Screen recording works pretty good in Android 12. Now to forget about it again, and never use it.


My favorite moment today. Waiting a minute or so between each recharge, tried to fire a few XMP, and this BS.

About 15 miles walked this weekend.

Gold "Courier Meet You Out"(??) badge in earned. Hit level 15 for the third time, as well.

3.6 million AP, 178 unique portals visited, 279 unique portals captured, 360 mods deployed, and 2,846 resonators deployed.

I don't think I should recurse a 4th time :/ At least, maybe wait a few weeks.

It had been 14+ months since I did a mission in , so I finally got around to doing a banner I've been putting off for 3 or 4 years. And it's one of mine.

It the hey-day of Ingress, we in the Pacific Northwest called our over-arching regional group the Mu-Tang clan. (You capture Mind Units in .)

We had a good bit of swag made for our group.

Someone just found this on eBay.

"Rare 2013 Wu Tang Clan Hoodie Mu Tour SARS13 Concert Shirt Illuminati Jay z HOV"


This is *not* a Wu-Tang clan "concert shirt".


(I met SARS13 a few times, had been wondering what happened to them. I still wonder.)

Made about 500k AP in today. No boost, no special AP modifier.

I remember why I stopped playing the game this hard, though. My phone battery is on it's 4th recharge of the day right now. I probably drove about about 30 miles and never got more than 10 miles away from the house. 6am or so to 11:30am.

800k or so from level 16 for the second time. To grind or go back to DFC...

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