shrieking levels are 65% and falling

(65%) ■■■■■■□□□□

@wheeljack Managed to get some sleep and it's better this morning. The urge to get another is there, but I think I've got it tamped down for now.

Quark: I'm an innocent bystander!
Quark: I shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of my own actions.

When my SO went in to the hospital a few weeks ago, I started vaping nicotine to help deal with it. I was getting lost down all kinds of emotional blackholes on weed.

The third vape ran out around noon today, and this feels like the first time I quit smoking, 13 years ago.

I had been able to have occasional smokes since I quit, and I never felt the urge to smoke more. I could do that for days.

But now, it's like the back of my brain is covered in mud that I can't wipe off.


Work was so busy today didn't have much of a chance to get on here. But I took a cool picture of a spider so here ya go!

Already hearing Western Tanagers today. Along with Flickers, some Spotted Towhees, loads of American Robins and a Stellar's Jay is making noise nearby, occasionally.

Finally got new hair clippers after 15 years. Forgot what a good clean clipper shave felt like.

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