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@Ricardus The Karen pipeline is:

1: Karen recorded on TikTok
2: TikTok video goes 'viral'
3: YouTubers make videos about the TikTok video
4: TikTok video lands in Karen-compilation videos
5: Various bloggy news sites crank out a quick news story about it.

The most recent one I saw was a lady who pulled a microphone out on an airplane, and started ranting about COVID conspiracies over her battery powered loud speaker.

There is not a labor shortage in the US.

High-paying jobs with good benefits and fair labor practices are not sitting unclaimed. Jobs that pay little and don't provide decent benefits are not all that appealing to anyone. A job that pays so little you have to work more than 40 hours a week just to squeak by, that demands rigid control over every minute you are on the clock, that leaves you so exhausted and demoralized and resentful that you can't enjoy what personal time you do get feels like a slow death. Gee, I wonder why folks aren't lining up to take such jobs?

Many employers are not interested in sharing their profits with employees, either in the form of higher wages or actual sharing of the profits. They want to keep everything.

Raise worker pay. Treat workers humanely instead of like a cost center. This illusory “labor shortage” will disappear.

Florida Worker Applied to 60 Entry-Level Jobs, Got One Interview:

@CarolDanvers @TonyStark He makes too much money off coal, he doesn't want to approve any legislation that will hit him directly in his pocket book. IMO, he became a senator only to protect his income.

Odo: (whispers) Allamaraine. Count to four.
Benjamin: Show yourself coward!

Woke up this morning to Blaise hopping around on the cage floor, and a few minutes ago he passed away.

Zoop, thankfully, doesn't seem to have the brain power to acknowledge anything is different.

Oh, to be a finch.

pro-tip: if you ever get a link that you don't trust, add a "+" to the end of the URL so you can be taken to the info page instead

e.g.: ->

The Lemmy project seems like it's becoming obsessed with being a Reddit clone :/

Congratulations to @PINE64 for launching the #pinephonepro - just like the original #pinephone, this will surely be an amazing catalyst for the whole alternative Linux smartphone OS community! 🚀

So if you have been under a rock today, here's the original announcement:

@martijnbraam made this killer video about it:

...and of course prepared a merge request to put it into postmarketOS edge:

Workers: I don't want to work for low wages during a pandemic for shitty bosses with poor leadership skills to serve overly entitled customers who won't even do me the courtesy of wearing a fucking mask

Bosses: We don't want to pay our workers more or hire new people because our business model is based around skeleton crews full of minimum wage workers in order to be viable

Dozens of articles every day: What's behind the worker shortage? Is the social safety net too generous?

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