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Now Mashable picks up the story:

"it appears Trump's team may be violating the Mastodon licensing it's distributed under by removing credits and links in the source code. Mashable has reached out to Mastadon for comment but did not immediately hear back."

I'll bet they didn't. #IsolateTrump

On an unrelated topic, you can do me a favour by playing around with @Eunomia's first public pilot for a bit over on

Just need some people to post stuff and press buttons and see how it works.

@isolategab Going to take my headphones off for a few minutes now 😂

@ischade plz stop flipping me off my back, am dead, thx

@Ricardus I've landed on "Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey"' a number of times due to Karen videos. He's been showing "Anti-Karen" videos recently, enough that he's got an Avengers style logo for those segments.

@Ricardus I have to admit, I would have gotten in her face and probably have visited prison after the flight landed :/ Her home made bullhorn would have ended up being home made plastic garbage.

@Ricardus Anyways, the YT algo will probably start shoving more Karen videos into your feed if you watch that. Be warned.

@Ricardus The Karen pipeline is:

1: Karen recorded on TikTok
2: TikTok video goes 'viral'
3: YouTubers make videos about the TikTok video
4: TikTok video lands in Karen-compilation videos
5: Various bloggy news sites crank out a quick news story about it.

The most recent one I saw was a lady who pulled a microphone out on an airplane, and started ranting about COVID conspiracies over her battery powered loud speaker.

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