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Javan Munias (Lonchura leucogastroides), juvenile and adult, spotted outside the home in Hougang, Singapore, on 10 Sept 2021. They've been feeding on the grass seeds found just outside.

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Guess my right foot got jealous of the left foots special attention and decided to start hurting in it own, unique, way.

tests are showing failure levels at 81%

(81%) ■■■■■■■■□□

Honk: “An ActivityPub server with minimal setup and support costs”

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"At no point in time, ever, are we going to go, "phew! Got 'em all! Everybody loves us again!" No, that ain't gonna happen, man. All we're doing is making more terrorists, every day we make brand new terrorists, all over the world, because everybody everybody fucking hates us again."

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Ideals cannot be defeated by bullets, bombs, and violence.

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20 years ago, I woke up some crazy news in NYC. Then the news kept getting crazier. I ended up being 3 hours late to work, and not a single person was mad at me.

20 years later, it's obvious, to me, that the terrorists won. They got us into a multi-decade, multi-trillion war, that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and all we accomplished was generating more recruitment material for the terrorists. They made life more difficult for everyone, by our governments over-reactions.

Coyote Goddess
Took this one back from the shelves for Stay Gallery's The Local Group Show, an art show with many LA based artist. If you are in the area check it out!

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