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In celebration of the jam that’s going on (that I encourage you all to participate in btw), here’s my take on Varynova’s “President of the Suburbs!” which you can read here:

Also yes, I am evil, since I included “Pop goes my heart” and “Ode to Joy”
If you know, you know

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I haven’t been here in a while and Mastodon holds no evidence of my recent obsession with Neon Genesis Evangelion,,
Well now it does. Done.

Ah wait, in this order it’s like. A progression of removing their eyewear. Very clever, mastodon.
But seriously let me pick the order though mdbdhsksjsbegwu

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Got tired of trying to magic them into the order I want navdhdksnvs
The one with the yellow background is the nicest that should be first! But mastodon says no

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Ignorance is not an excuse: if you haven't done any reading or engagement with critical race theory, there are roughly a million reading lists online. Here's the syllabus from a course offered at Brown in 2017, with links to PDFs of most of the readings:

If you're white and want to understand the history and context of what is happening AND limit the deleterious effects of your own privilege, this is a great place to start.

Now this seems reasonable to me
Not that many people voted here so I can't really infer much from this but it's funny I posted the exact same poll on Twitter and Candy first won

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What's the "best" order to read the Homestuck Epilogues?

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