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graphic designer in need of work. pls boost. 

I'm a freelancer with 5+ years of experience. My portfolio consists of brand identity & logo projects, social media design, packaging, promotional material, book covers, custom artwork and more. I am looking to do editorial design, presentation decks, book design and such if someone will give me a chance.

Looking for a job that will ideally utilise all my skills: graphic design, photography, illustration, creative direction. I have 6+ years of experience. Full/part time or remote work. Please boost. Thank you🌻

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

#askfedi #askfediverse #lazyweb #CreativeCommons #music #help

What's the best iPhone app for Mastodon?

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

My software is up to date.

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HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

So my iPhone SE 2020 isn't connecting to my home wifi network all of a sudden and I'm at a loss. Don't know if it's because I missed a software update but now I can't update my phone either. Tried resetting networking settings and rebooting the phone. Nothing is working. :(

I need your help. My jewelry shop - isn't doing so well lately. Please boost. I ship worldwide!

Is there a primer on cryptocurrency, nfts, blockchain etc for moneyfoolish artist brains like mine?

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A re-intro:
Formerly seeyoutmrw from kolektiva 😌
prolly gonna rant and rave over african issues and pop culture nonsense
Will share some art here and there
Thank u for coming to my tuskxtalk

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advice/help needed 

Is there an instance or handles one can tag to sell art or jewelry? I have been using IG ( but as you know the algorithm is crippling and my sales have majorly dipped this month. I also have a website: but it's new and I frankly don't have the budget to market it properly.

Late last year, I got covid and also got simultaneously fully unemployed so I decided it was time dedicate myself to my small business. And heeere it is!

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The saddest thing is when my friends' children say to me that they're waiting to "see what the pollution is like" before they schedule an outdoor activity like going to the park or playing outside. Six year olds should not have this problem. This city is fucked up.

I find christopher nolan's style aesthetically boring and completely uninspiring.

Really need work. Please boost. 

I am looking for logo design & illustration projects. My work is available at: Please boost. Thank you!

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As a deaf I'm very frustated with inaccessible videos and especially youtube sucks at this, they recently removed the community captioning. The amount of captioned & new videos have gone down drastically and it has pushed people like me out of many communities. There's one certain problem that I'm very frustated of; captioning ONLY when some other language than english is being spoken on the video. Your ableism is showing when you don't caption THE WHOLE CONTENT. #ableism #deaf #accessibility

post covid fatigue is real. 

I'm experiencing alternating good and bad days. today is a bad one. it feels like there are bricks on my eyes. I just want to lie down all the time.

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recover from abuse without forgiving 

Forgiveness is neither the only nor necessarily the best way to move on from abuse or toxic relationships.
You can also cut the person out of your life and move on. It's a valid response, and pushing for forgiveness may just be another toxic move.

Sometimes, that may very well be the only option.

✨I have a favour to ask❤️ 

I have been unemployed most of this year. As soon as work situation got better, I ended up getting covid. I am grateful for the time I am getting though, as I can re-open my small instagram shop after a month. If you are on IG, please follow 'artease_t'. And share my profile. I have a small new collection of jewellery coming up there (see image below). If you are not into jewellery, do check out for my art & merch (also on IG as '') 😊

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