HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

So my iPhone SE 2020 isn't connecting to my home wifi network all of a sudden and I'm at a loss. Don't know if it's because I missed a software update but now I can't update my phone either. Tried resetting networking settings and rebooting the phone. Nothing is working. :(

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

My software is up to date.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Can you see the WiFi network (and other ones)?

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Do you have another device that is able/unable to connect?

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@adz all other devices are connecting.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@adz I am able to connect to my other phone's hotspot. But not my home wifi.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@adz technically it connects to my wifi but no connection. The wifi symbol disappears.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Does your WiFi router have any active rules regarding IP or MAC addresses (that may have been even accidentally introduced)?

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@adz I don't think so. My iPad is able to connect.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Also, you said you rebooted the phone, but have you rebooted the router?

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@adz just did and it worked! Thank you!

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Best guess is your router's DHCP system fucked itself. So other devices would continue to work until lease expires but no new devices can join network until a reset occurs.

@adz but this isn't a new device. It has been connecting to the same wifi network for many months now

@aurpera I suspect either the phone or the router have a problem. My best guess is the router has a problem but it's hard to diagnose from here.

Have you recently rebooted your ipad. It connects to WiFi correctly, but have you rebooted it recently? Once you reboot it, does it still connect?

@aurpera One more thing you can try is: Most routers have a factory reset button. You can press this button (usually it requires the use of a pointed object such as a pen or paperclip) and it will take the router back to full factory defaults.

There are some drawbacks to this method. All settings will be cleared.
1. Your WiFi SSID and passphrase will have to be redone.
2. All other devices will likely have to manually reconnect to WiFi
3. Router username and password will be reset to default (read manual!)

@aurpera 4. Any other settings that have been changed will be cleared.

@aurpera Once other thing to try before resetting the router is resetting your iphone network settings. See this Apple page:

Follow steps 1-7, but especially 7 is important.

@adz I have done these. My problem is I don't even get incorrect password notification. It connects to my wifi but the symbol just disappear from the top. I get the correct IP address too.

@adz so I don't use a sim on my iPhone. It's an additional phone which I use for my business. My main phone has a sim and currently, my iphone is onl

@adz do I have to turn it on even if I don't use a sim card on my iPhone? Currently it only connects to my main phone's 4G hotspot and the wifi icon appears but when I connect to my home wifi, it disappears

@aurpera No, I was suggesting turning it OFF. But it looks like it was never on to begin with.

@aurpera OK, if you've reset the network on your iphone AND reset your router to factory defaults (not the same as rebooting) then I'm currently out of ideas.

I think it's more likely that the router is doing something funny because rebooting it was the only thing that worked - albeit briefly.

@adz okay I realised that my VPN ( was creating the issue. So I have disabled it. Now the wifi works. But I don't understand why there is an issue all of a sudden.

HELP: phone not connecting to wifi 

@aurpera Does your phone ever receive an IP address?

@adz I don't know :/ the router reset worked for min and now it's gone again 😭😭😭

@aurpera Now that router has been reset, do other devices connect?

@adz yes. Other devices are fine. I don't get how my iphone suddenly cannot connect. It was working fine till yesterday.

@aurpera Is it a 192.168.x.x or 10.1.1.x address? If so, then that's correct.

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