Late last year, I got covid and also got simultaneously fully unemployed so I decided it was time dedicate myself to my small business. And heeere it is!

✨I have a favour to ask❤️ 

I have been unemployed most of this year. As soon as work situation got better, I ended up getting covid. I am grateful for the time I am getting though, as I can re-open my small instagram shop after a month. If you are on IG, please follow 'artease_t'. And share my profile. I have a small new collection of jewellery coming up there (see image below). If you are not into jewellery, do check out for my art & merch (also on IG as '') 😊

My first freebie!

Get it here:

(because Wix Stores don't seem to have a provision for freebies, I have created a code FREEBIE which you can use at the checkout and download this as soon as you place order. The link will also be emailed to you and you can download it anytime in 30 days)

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