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graphic designer in need of work. pls boost. 

I'm a freelancer with 5+ years of experience. My portfolio consists of brand identity & logo projects, social media design, packaging, promotional material, book covers, custom artwork and more. I am looking to do editorial design, presentation decks, book design and such if someone will give me a chance.

I'm suffering from a very bad case of "don't-have-money-but-want-to-feel-rich"

I got a refund quickly after I sent an earnest email but the anxiety I experienced in those 20 odd mins oof. I was actually sleeping when the transaction took place and the bank sms literally made me wake up in panic.

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covid update 

I have completed 14 days since I first started showing symptoms. Hopefully I'll get a negative when I test on the 18th day. But all is not well yet. I'm constipated af. No remedy works. Acidity, gas and all the usual suspects have turned me into a literal insomniac. It's nearly 5 am here and I am not at all sleepy. I know for sure I'll start feeling drowsy post 8. And I'll spend another day aimless and useless. And tired. And the muscles in my legs have been acting up. Ughhh.

Fuck companies charging your card for a hefty year long subscription without sending a single email notifying of the charge prior. This is frankly sneaky and fraudulent and should be illegal.

Yeah corona basically makes you just super busy —

Checking temperature, pulse and blood oxygen 4 times a day

Betadine and saltwater gargling 3-4 times a day

Steam inhalation 3-4 times a day

Making sure you drink 4 litres of water per day

Drinking lemon tea with honey, pepper and turmeric 2-3 times a day

Eating and sleeping on time

Taking meds and vitamins at prescribed intervals

Making sure you are not sedentary all the time cuz makes you feel worse

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And just when I think I have landed a good sensible client, his client-from-hell attributes spring out of the woodwork

Tumblr is so idiotically censored now that you can't even access your own content because it's marked sensitive. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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My best friend started reporting covid symptoms mid July. She was getting better. Now she's admitted in a hospital. It's almost October. This disease can plague you for months. I am so angry that there is such scarce reporting on a disease that is affecting millions in a country of billions.

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My wife @fairlady and I are in a difficult financial spot right now. Penny just lost her job and besides the shitty hours I've been getting at work, my union is probably gonna strike soon because the company gave us an awful contract offer and isn't budging an inch. I'm already having trouble figuring out how to make the numbers work for upcoming bills so anything helps, honestly. (Boosts also appreciated!)

Cash App:$fairladygearhead
Venmo: @fairladygearhead

TERF is not a slur. It actually is an annoyingly respectful term used to refer blatant transphobes. If you hate trans people, you aren't a feminist.

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they’re not completely finished - they still need a glossy topcoat - but if anyone wants a magical pronoun pin, they’re sliding scale, $8~$15 each, plus $3 shipping!💜 :_stars:

#TransArt #MastoArt #pronounpins #etsy

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