Ok I know...this hashtag isn't very original and if somebody else has used it maybe they'll get confused or just know that I used it in the context of "What would you be if you could be a researcher and research all the topics that you are interested in, in how many fields would you work then as a researcher".

Yeah not about the universe .

Anyway to recap on what I'd be researching about:

, , , like /#Wikidata etc.

Just a little thought about Linked Data usernames. Nobody chose the username starting with @LinkedData regarding the nodes that are connected in this network.

⚠️ ⚠️

You were hiding from me! You didn't tell me LD stood for !

If I knew I'd look it up sooner rather than now!


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I pressed the

and now that video has 1 like from me. I enjoyed some


which worked fine for my

but is this on


If not, if all parties agree you can contribute to a

or others might add the linked data but if there is no media we can't add any linked data.

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