I once had a conversation with a friend with the same as me and it was the first time in my life I actually got to my bed and lied down while thinking:

"If I fall asleep I will not be able to tell the other person on the other side that I fell asleep and the only way they might hear me is if I start snoring"

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video.hardlimit.com I can't find the video I uploaded to HardLimit about etc. got some ?

Anybody can recommend a video site on ? I need something that is related to .

As payment if your instance got an official account I got some I can use to donate to you.

No. isn't one .

Autism is a of .

One of the most common things after somebody gets the diagnosis:
1️⃣ They try to meet others with Autism and assume these people will be the as them. That doesn't happen so they start to doubt that the diagnosis is a single neurotype.
2️⃣ to be continued?

There are no . There are only . If you don't know your own neurotype you lack the knowledge of how your brain is structured.

If you say you are then you might mean that in your local area or those you interact with have a in comparison to your own .

There is no "normal". They only defined Autism/Borderline/Bipolar/Dyslexia etc. and this is still on-going.

is comparison-dependent and thus dynamic.

The concept is a . It is because it all depends in what local environment what kind of live there. Let's say in a specific geographic area 🅰️:
the majority of people in that area have APD and Borderline related neurotypes.

In another area 🅱️:
we have many with ie. Schizophrenia, Bipolar and ADHD people where they are the majority.

Calling A+B groups as just "NeuroTypical" would thus be

Still on the topic of:

/ ...

I'd say is a kind of being able to compare people and the ability to see "patterns of behavior".

Some think being restricted to ie. company of only people within the is limiting. In reality you aren't. Because you meet all kinds of people all the time.

is what may give you knowledge. Focusing on everything will confuse you.

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I skimmed for a bit about the subject of


So far I've seen nobody compare people they've met to each other.

Those that can compare people are those utilizing


Are they


Perhaps many people have different ideas about what

is...ie. in comparison with


To me I think I "kinda" understand Thinking in Pictures. Thinking in Patterns, I guess I do in my own way.


? .



No ideas, sorry. I'm thinking word generation here and I don't know of a way to generate them.

Since you are gonna use association you may be mostly safe based on what

you are. Others with the same neurotype might be able to guess what you guess.

More info soon, I guess...

Attempt to start

so if nothing changes...the title is probably gonna be something like this past stream

"What are you? - various activities"


though I'm gonna probably modify it to

"? - 0(zero) - various activities"

UTC time is 09:40:10 just passed as I am typing this

Edit: UTC time is 09:41:10 just passed as I am typing this

well when I finally launch the I am going to pin a new post

I think is incompatible with the

of neurotypes. Unless we are talking about temporary difference, ie. you walked right instead of left but you your twin took a left turn instead of a right one.

Everybody is different is a comfortable idea, a very general idea.

? ()

What if some people were a bit more alike each other in comparison to some specific other

/ ?

Would you find that


I use to come back to this

Exactly! That! Though sometimes I think about

...and sometimes I think about

Some just call it

" "


Chemistry can be achieved by temporary conditions + brain structure.

The chemistry I'm interested in is

for the

Neurotype Incompatibility + "" is a bad recipe

What kind of are active today on ?

The chests are so much the same. Did all streamers agree to do the same chests or what?

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