This is interesting...

on .

, and doing a or "" together.

I know too little to tell if it was coordinated or more info. I don't know them, I just got into a channel and asked if they were in a chatty mood. It ended with them giving me the above link and I got other stuff to do now so I unfortunately I can't watch right now. But AngryApeMan seems cool.

@globcoco because I was among the users you notified I considered that I'd add something relevant to your comment about a software called .

From your quote:
"As you mentioned there is etherpad but also excalidraw that does collaborative work. And I imagine one could create mindmaps with it."

This is the context which I interacted through. If you hadn't mentioned me I guess I'd continue doing whatever I was doing.


@globcoco I (/#duckduckgo) for "" and I found a page only later to find that it had been removed.

I also searched but no result was found.

If a software isn't too notable there are chances that it fits in Wikidata.

Here are the () based on the latest revision done in June 14, 2021:

@timkrief I followed you on Twitch. Do you link back to from Twitch?

Also have you ever tried multistreaming or have you ever streamed on a PeerTube instance? I could stream a bit on . It was the first time I managed to stream to PeerTube. :)

@SummerSchool where it says "Name *" in the form here does that mean I choose what names my parents gave me at birth or do I add anything I'd like to be known as?(TL;DR, is it stuff from my ID card that I type in my name?):

Also pressing the play button doesn't seem to work. Only if I press the download button, the media file begins to play. (). Except Firefox now I've also tested with : The media file only plays if I hit the download button.

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I think I got . At the bright side: you interacted with me a bit and got some experience. So in that case I don't think your time was wasted.

Now I can get back to my life.

@humanetech based on the current conversation that we've had would you 'invest time' or 'risk' talking to a stranger like me in a medium? . Can also be scheduled to another day at a specific time.

We could talk a limited time like 5 or 10 minutes and I can enforce any time we agree upon since I've learnt how to use . Crontab can shut down any application I'm using after I tell it to.

I'm not expecting you to say yes and I'll not be devastated with a no. 😄

@humanetech is "" itself compatible with ? I haven't kept up with the software but I could do a quick search now

This is one link I found(if you know of a more relevant link feel free to share):

...which was partly due to politeness.

Though I made some attempts at some points where I said "Maybe you got other stuff to do?" though it didn't seem like he had other stuff to do so and since I only used that strategy we continued for like forever.

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That was the longest call I've ever had. Hours and hours passed and none of us were successful at closing the call

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I once had a conversation with a friend with the same as me and it was the first time in my life I actually got to my bed and lied down while thinking:

"If I fall asleep I will not be able to tell the other person on the other side that I fell asleep and the only way they might hear me is if I start snoring"

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One of the problems I have when I can't stop interracting with people is, I continue to mention them and if they respond the conversation continues.

In the end if they were unable to say anything in regards to stop the conversation...

(regardless of reason, ie. politeness or they find it intimidating to talk to me and that prevents them to say anything)

...then the conversation might go on and on and both parties may lose a lot of time.

@humanetech sometimes when I start talking I have a hard time stopping to interact.

Has our interaction mostly concluded? Then I can do other things.

@humanetech are any of those on an compatible website?

Maybe Birdie is on? I did @birdie and then I got a lot of usernames showing up on this ActivityPub website().

I'm a newbie here and I have no connections. You are probably the first connection that I've had where so much interaction has happened in a short amount of time.

It all started with the software talk, right?

This was supposed to be a sidetopic, then I was gonna play .

@humanetech I also have an account on and my account there is called Original Research.

I can't tag it from here and from that account I can't tag this account.


Pardon me for intruding on this thread with a different topic, but somehow I couldn't tag you directly.

Wanted to point out something that may interest you relating to #diversity namely @dachary #fedeproxy and this:

I know that many forms of #neurodiversity are not accounted for in the #accessibility of software.

See also:

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