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This little detail regarding colors for various things in

is gonna help me on to choose filters for various texts so that I can easily change color for most texts.

@the_white_wolf I hope that my comment helped you and will make a more friendly place to you.

More connections with people instead of just inviting every stranger in the world, I think will make you less frustrated with people just spamming their registration requests on you.

The gives an interesting effect! I can see the on the social media platform without hiding anything in between the Mind Map points!

Thanks !

Thanks to
for the work contributed/created regarding minder + all other contributors that I missed. I like this application!

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If you care about keep in mind that they ask for a when you're gonna pay for stuff because they feel like that have to send you an .

Though I talked to the

today and I quote what they sent in the support chat:

"If you do not want to share your own zip, you can just put any from your country, we do not check the code you use".

This help section on Restreamio's website answers my question.

It works like in where if you cancel your subscription it's basically like "prepaid". You start a subscription and pay, then you aim to stop it and you cancel. Then the expiry date will go until what you purchased.


1️⃣ Is it possible to search for more than one tags at the same time on Mastodon?

😱 Obviously: More specific results!


This is only one tag:


I know how this will go: some people will say they didn't understand the question. After countless of time explaining they still didn't understand. Ok maybe not bother

Ok then. I'm not gonna use these two video/streaming platforms starting now():


for one week until August 5.

When it is I will see if I learnt anything about alternatives to TikTok and Trovo.

Well maybe I took this decision after learning about .

We need to use good designs and put them to use in

I guess I'm not gonna easily find an alternative to .

What I need:
1️⃣ A streaming platform where users can choose to give bits for free to their viewers under certain conditions while streaming to put incentive into attention by other users

Oh wait we have nobody who can compete:
5️⃣ : they implemented something. What exactly though?

Though... None of these have Trovo feature.

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