Is anyone here? How does this work....

@adithyadesign This is like the upside down for Twitter but instead it's the right way up.

@awryaditi in terms of how everything works how it actually should? (except maybe the interface which needs some getting used to)

@awryaditi I am here. In my experience, it works just like Twitter with one major difference. You don't have nearly enough followers.

Also, far fewer death threats. So people pray to me less often.

@awryaditi Way better than birdshit site. No more moderators siding with fascists sending death threats, rape threats.

@awryaditi a detailed thread abt mastodon and its usage including cross platform usage between mastodon and twitter

@awryaditi best way to discover it by using it. Have you downloaded any client apps?

@awryaditi this is very quickly on its way to becoming another twitter.

@awryaditi No idea how it works!

Dubki maari, behte rahe!

@awryaditi post an intro with #india and #introduction , include your hobbies maybe. Follow all the interesting accounts you can find for now

@awryaditi same as Twitter. U need to TOOT here instead of TWEET.

@awryaditi hey hey👋 can I just quickly say I love your humour 💙

@awryaditi Hello. It works more peacefully, more quietly, less triggeringly.

@awryaditi everything is the same until you call it tw!tt3r instead of birdsite. Then you get a lecture on how corporates are ruining the planet.

@awryaditi just jump in the water and in couple of days you will learn to swim! Why we need all answers just now?

@awryaditi Hi Aditi, great to see you join Mastedon. Look forward to your toots and content shared by you. :)

@awryaditi we are not sure how it really works. We are doing it on hit and trail basis.

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