Abhishek Singhvi does not see the point of Mastodon.

@awryaditi Abhishek Manu Singhvi is an old chap who doesn't understand tech. But wants to be judgmental anyway.

@Memeghnad the only time unkills understand anything is when they can buy it off to spread unkilosity

@Memeghnad @awryaditi actually, the guy is very very tech savvy. I remember him being obsessive about teaching himself about you tech, wanting to understand programming. He’s just morphing into this soft-hindutva guy. It’s not ignorance for sure

@RateUnrate @Memeghnad this soft-Hindutva, centrist turn that everyone seems to be taking now is incredibly insidious.

@awryaditi @RateUnrate agreed. All that janeu business is also ultra messed up.

@awryaditi @Memeghnad but frankly we all had our doubts didn’t we...? maybe this is why we never believed they were ever *for* minorities, and only used them as votebanks. They are just emboldened now. They only keep reinforcing their redundancy to represent the non-majoritarian beliefs...

@RateUnrate @awryaditi I have my doubts about every politician by default. Event the ones I worked with. I genuinely believe every leader has to compromise one way or another & in upsetting ways.

@Memeghnad Yeah, true. Comprise essential, but it depends where does the politician draws the line. Shiv Sena should have been that line.

@Memeghnad Yeah, true. Comprise is essential, but it depends where does the politician draw the line. Shiv Sena should have been that line.

@bisaat @Memeghnad even this I’d take it if it were about simply collaborating to drive BJP out and then going in for a no-confidence and calling a re-election later. Anything to remove BJP’s stronghold. It’s a bullet you bite. But sadly, I don’t think it stops with that. I think they are morphing into that

@RateUnrate @Memeghnad I remember a Varun grover's joke here, "Hindutva unki core competency hai usmein mat ghuso...." Watch it here.

@bisaat @Memeghnad I remember this one! I watched him live for this one :)

@bisaat @Memeghnad like, during the general elections with the mahagathbandan, I don’t think anyone thought that was actually workable. It was not for anything, it was against something. It wouldn’t have lasted a whole term. But we voted for anything that stood a chance against BJP at the time...

@Memeghnad @awryaditi I can make my peace with compromise, because a democracy in a diverse country can’t work without that. But this doesn’t even seem like a compromise anymore. They’ve all just come to believe that we are becoming homogenised and they are appealing to that. Hopefully, they will be wrong beyond a point (I know I sound naïve about this- warning I’m just never going to be able to completely give up hope)

Won't trolls from Twitter follow on Mastodon,is what he is wondering.

@sanddollar THATS not why most people are moving. Trolls are everywhere that can’t be controlled by us.
It’s the localised moderation, anti-abuse rules that have brought me here.

@awryaditi he won't get to see also if he thinks it is an open invitation to respond.. :D

@awryaditi Abhishek is now in Sangh pariwar

That's why Abhishek SANGHvi

@awryaditi Will take him some time to get there. I'm sure he wasn't among the first people to use birdsite.

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