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Protests Grow in India Over Religion-Based Citizenship Bill
Demonstrators defied troops and a curfew after the bill, which would make it easier for some non-Muslim migrants to become citizens, was approved in Parliament.


Aren't Instagram influencers just Ads in human form?

After 6 years of part time and 12 years of full time association, I am calling it a day with my assignment with Kerala Government in dealing with inter state water.

I am most grateful for the learnings, opportunities and memories.

Returning to my parent organisation KSEBL :)

Why is speaking about what is pissing you off considered something as brave in the post 2014 India?

It's because people have been made scared of the government and it's religiously motivated followers to the extent that remaining silent is now advised as the right thing to do.

Speaking your mind is not bravery, however remaining silent is cowardice.

Fuck that fear.


@RateUnrate @Memeghnad this soft-Hindutva, centrist turn that everyone seems to be taking now is incredibly insidious.

@sanddollar THATS not why most people are moving. Trolls are everywhere that can’t be controlled by us.
It’s the localised moderation, anti-abuse rules that have brought me here.

@Memeghnad the only time unkills understand anything is when they can buy it off to spread unkilosity

The man on the left would have you know that he is Editor in Chief of a journalistic enterprise.

Peeps, Manisha Pande of NewsLaundry is now here on Mastodon!
Join me in following her.
Welcome @Manisha_ !!

#TootNotTweet 🐘

@goofysufi this is the kind of wholesome trade off that I am always here for 😜

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