things that are my gender
- crash from slc punk 2
- pat the bunny
- every song by laura jane grace
- the album cover of reinventing axl rose
- queer as in fuck you by dog park dissidents
- top surgery scars
- that hat i wear all the time
- beat up black combat boots
- the scratchy side of velcro
- the sound of a skateboard on asphalt
- skank dance

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ableism, autism, neurodiversity (not a subtoot) 

always really on edge when I hear/read the phrase "developmental disability". Like there's some normal way to develop and nd people diverge from this cis-brain. that's really bullshit though, cause we are just as valid, our brains aren't defective and just because we are fewer doesn't make us broken versions of nt people.

centrist/democrat ideals are shitty, privileged, and ignorant while pretending to be progressive. alt right/republican ideals are misguided and awful and fueled by propaganda and a lack of empathy. leftism is realizing all this and being pissed that everyone thinks these are the only two options.

adrien b like: *makes obscure posts about nis hyperfixations that barely anybody else will understand* ahaha so relatable β€ΌοΈπŸ˜

in my mind's eye i am crash from slc punk 2. if you percieve me in any other way then youre wrong ❀️

do you know all the lyrics to acid song by johnny hobo and the freight trains or are you normal

does anyone else experience really intense dissociation/depersonalization after binge watching tv shows? like i just watched about 5 episodes of community and now i cant even remember what my life is like or my friends' names. i think i just need sleep.

i swear to god the next person who calls one of my hyperfixations or special interests an obsession is getting their teeth kicked in

im so angry. i dont want a career. i dont want to center my whole life around a job. i want to draw and paint and make stufr and sew clothes and cut ppls hair and research stuff i find interesting and learn as much as i can and love as much as i can and a career has never fit into that. i dont want to decide what i have to do for the rest of my life right now. this fucking sucks. capitalism is soul sucking hell.

it/its as in other trans people cal call me it but if a cis person does it i'll beat them with a rock

the album cover of love songs for the apocalypse by johnny hobo and the freight trains rlly resonates with me

anyway not to vent on mastodon when ppl i literally look up to follpw this account ahaha sorry i am just sad and gay and small i am very sure you understand

if someone told me "what would i do without you" i would probably start crying lol i want to be needed so bad

genuinely the gender envy i feel for crash from slc punk 2. crying bc i am not him

contemplating going out and wearing a jacket with no shirt. as an act of trans power and protest and to make a statement about society and gender and also because i just want to be crash from slc punk 2

there is sand in my boots. they go up to my knees. how

oh also on the beach some random person offered me caviar. i said i liked it but it was horrible and i almost threw up. never again

sorry i keep forgetting to ppst here lol anyway i had almost the perfect new year i was wearing an awesome fit and i went to the beach to set off fireworks however i did not have anyone to kiss or smoke weed with and also my parents were arguing the whole time but it was great!

it's fucking 7:23 am and i just woke up to like 8 merry christmas messages from ppl i dont even talk to fuck all the way off my god

god i hate saying "it's alright" when someone apologizes for something im actually mad about. like no it is not alright at all. fuck you. im starting to get perpetually mad at everyone i know.

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