Explicit intimacies 

@amici sounds like a pity fuck when you say it that way. 🤣 Personally, I had a few cougars when I was a younger. And they were among my top lay's. They were sexy too. There was no "understanding" nor "sympathizing" involved. Most youngers we're inhibited and didn't know what they were doing. I counted myself lucky to get an uninhibited older woman.

Explicit intimacies 

Why is it sexy for young men to fuck older women, or cougars but older men are considered gross by youngers?

Why can't men be cougars, too?!

@amici I appreciate your suggestions. I haven't sought romance in decades. That's not really what I meant when describing past relationships. I was however hinting that my past decisions explain why I don't have immediate family "of my own". I don't regret my decisions. I just recognize them. I do have friends. But they are busy with their own families. I do have a brother who has kids. They all live hundreds of miles away. They check in on me. But it's not like a visitor.

I'm alone by choice, you might say. My dad was a dick and so was his. So I made a conscious decision to not have kids. Besides, who'd wish this shit hole on anyone? I married twice. The first time I was young and drunk. It lasted a few weeks. So, I'm not sure that even counts. My 2nd insisted and I argued against it. We'd been together for 2-3 years. I finally caved. It lasted a year or so more. People are programmed to not need anyone else.

I know it's no one's responsibility to be concerned about the plight of others. We all have more than enough stuff of our own! But I find myself alone, hospitalized again a mere month later for the same reasons as my last visit: pancreatitis and blood pressure. Getting old sucks. I'd recommend against it, but it's inevitable if we're lucky. Though, that may be debatable.

All American TV networks are conspiring to blur the lines of human decency under the guise of healing a divided nation. Jenner joins Fox, 🍊💩 henchmen on CNN, CBS, and others. Foisting drivel upon the electorate is an insult and disservice to it. The nation, and world, will remain divided when they learn to not trust anyone.

@bas If by vulnerable you mean stripped of power and autonomy - then yes. Platforms and agencies work to expand control, by limiting your own agency (limit platform alternatives, limit on-platform options) and manipulating your psyche (increase engagement, click on advertisement etc.)

If by isolated you mean the kind of individualism that discourages sociality that is not immediately beneficial to authority - then yes. It's a battle just to promote free social goods like parks/libraries

That's what authority wants: a world where we feel vulnerable and isolated.

... and where they have a back door into our lives.
This is a combined effort by corporate "social media" and law enforcement, the dumb hammer of capitalism.

This is why we NEED open sourced federation that resides distributed across the world in a way that capitalism CAN'T shut it down.

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I thought I found an instance of mastodon where people actually interacted with me (not this one, I've received almost no interaction here) and where I felt safe. It was taken down by authorities. Forced to find another it was taken down by its own creators due to new laws which made it vulnerable. There is no social media where I feel safe and where I receive interaction from its users.

That's what authority wants: a world where we feel vulnerable and isolated.

This is why we need revolution!

@anemone0079 thank you for being a diamond in a sea of slugs. I wish you well

@anemone0079 I made it home without contracting another unrelated condition. We've determined that some medications that keep me alive are responsible. So, we are giving my body a chance to heal from the damage caused before we try another poison to keep me alive. After battling this for 30+ years, I'm getting tired of trying.

Thank you so much for being the single person to notice my plight. Another reason I tire of trying is the lack of humanity left with the majority of people in the world.

I'm lying in a hospital bed alone. I have pancreatitis... again. In the middle of a pandemic of stupid I have to go to where sick people are to stop my body from shutting down due to a preexisting condition. Had to drive an hour in a snowstorm to get here. Can't eat or drink anything. Antenna TV. FML

Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges.
-- George Carlin

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@bas some people prefer to think of it as bi meaning attraction to any gender and pan attraction without regard for gender, but in general they're interchangeable and it's mostly down to personal preference which you describe yourself as. people with strong opinions either way (eg that bi is transphobic because it means two, or that pan includes paraphilias) tend to be, as you say, dicks

I'm hungry. And I would rather BE hungry than to sit in a room with a bunch of "Christian" GQP morons blathering on about their new idol, Kyle, and how those rednecks who killed were just protecting their neighborhood should get off too. Holidays suck. Family sucks.

I'm not gonna lie - today sucked, like gravity from the tenth floor.

I've really gotta stop leaving the house. There's stupid people out there!

Wanna know why it's so hard to shake Facebook and Twitter? Because it's like fucking crickets in here. Little to no interaction between accounts. Everyone seems to be talking to their selves.

After confiding to Gandalf that he wishes the task had fallen to someone else, the wizard reminds Frodo that no one gets to dictate what challenges they face. Rather than lamenting unavoidable hardships, time is better spent focusing on the choices within our control, and making our time on Earth (or Middle-Earth) meaningful.

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