Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges.
-- George Carlin

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@bas some people prefer to think of it as bi meaning attraction to any gender and pan attraction without regard for gender, but in general they're interchangeable and it's mostly down to personal preference which you describe yourself as. people with strong opinions either way (eg that bi is transphobic because it means two, or that pan includes paraphilias) tend to be, as you say, dicks

I'm hungry. And I would rather BE hungry than to sit in a room with a bunch of "Christian" GQP morons blathering on about their new idol, Kyle, and how those rednecks who killed were just protecting their neighborhood should get off too. Holidays suck. Family sucks.

I'm not gonna lie - today sucked, like gravity from the tenth floor.

I've really gotta stop leaving the house. There's stupid people out there!

Wanna know why it's so hard to shake Facebook and Twitter? Because it's like fucking crickets in here. Little to no interaction between accounts. Everyone seems to be talking to their selves.

After confiding to Gandalf that he wishes the task had fallen to someone else, the wizard reminds Frodo that no one gets to dictate what challenges they face. Rather than lamenting unavoidable hardships, time is better spent focusing on the choices within our control, and making our time on Earth (or Middle-Earth) meaningful.

People on my various mastodon instances aren't nearly as engaging as ppl were on my Twitter accounts. I don't miss the bickering nor ad hominem attacks but I do miss the engagement.

I don't post here enough. But then, I haven't that much to say. Life sucks. And so do most of the people in it.

Theist: "There is a God."
Atheist: "Prove it."
Theist: "Prove there isn't one."
Atheist: "OK, I'm God."
Theist: "Prove it."
Atheist: "Prove I'm not. Your rules. I'll wait."

MO Woman Reports Bigfoot pulled her hair while forcing her to wear a mask while Bill Gates injected a chip in her arm as Elvis Presley asked her to dance.


What happened to sinblr.com? Does anyone know? It's been down for days.

If you are confused as to why so many Americans are defending the confederate flag,...


Not knowing what else to do, Bekele, a devout Christian, ran and grabbed holy water from inside and splashed it on his wife’s face, as his children cried and shouted: β€œWhat’s wrong with Mama? What’s happening?”
WTF is wrong with these people?!

: if you absolutely MUST call 911 for help, lay in the prone position upon their arrival. A prone person presents less of a threat to trigger happy cops while presenting a smaller target.

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