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I'm gonna say this even if I'm late to the controversy:

I think Elliot Page is sexy hot regardless of how he identifies nor who he chooses to love.

He's just hot!๐Ÿ”ฅ

Just a , I've been noticing known to me, and in my contacts, popping up on . I immediately block them! But it suggests to me that since the these extremists are seeking out other ways to communicate and coordinate.

"So let us regard this as settled: what is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage. The mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious."ย Marcus Tullius Ciceroย (106-43 B.C.)

To be clear, I'm no fan of Dems, but I lose my shit under republican branded fascism.

I feel I've been nearing death for some time now. I'm frankly surprised I made it through trump. Now that republicans have been removed from the White House and majorities of both chambers of congress I feel like I may live out my final days in a relatively sane society. Just think, I may now live to see the first woman of color as POTUS! Kinda gives me something to live for.

I'm listening to Linda Sanchez on MSNBC. This is terrorism. Shame on the GOP. Neverending disgust and shame.

Thank you @kenhae! I appreciate your follow. I followed back and look forward to your toots.

Welcome, @anemone0079. Thank you for the follow and I look forward to your toots!

Ppl often poo poo ppl who claim that the way out of national debt is to simply print more money. The truth is that we can! We've been doing it for tens of decades!
In my lifetime alone minimum wage has risen from $1.10/he to $10/he. Yet our standard of living hasn't improved much. Also, distribution of wealth is concentrated at the top 5-10%.
They "print money" to put a little paper in the ever growing masses' pockets while they put the vast majority of 1's and 0's on the ledgers of the top 1%.

The federal gvrnmnt couldn't get tests for covid-19 available for months. I'm still not sure where to get one! Did we really expect a better performance by the same gvrnmnt with vaccines requiring special handling?

If the sandman won't come see me I'll go to see him, by gum!

USpol, GA election, Perdue and Dollar General 

Dollar General Store, of which #Georgia Senator Perdue was #CEO, was sued nearly 2500 times for #race and #gender discrimination, and #wagetheft, among other employment violations. He is now in a close run off election against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff

Cannabis + Nudity 

Lucky to finally have experienced Oregon harvest for the first time and get some shooting in with some beloved babes back in October ๐Ÿ’š Surprise car troubles in the pandemic made the journey scary in the beginning but we were still able to unite with our people safely.

San Francisco: Stay at home order extended indefinitely 

#SanFrancisco extends the stay at home order and 10 day travellers' quarantine "indefinitely" (the lack of availability of #ICU beds is central to the imposition of strict abatement measures

Sen. Chris Murphy slammed โ€˜deficit hawkโ€™ Republicans for failing to help anyone but Americaโ€™s 600 billionaires during a pandemic

[:tw: โ€” #bot]

โ€œIf I were In-Q-Tel right now, Iโ€™d be drooling as I wrote a check with lots of zeros in it for the Skypack folks because widespread use of Skypack would be any national security agencyโ€™s wet dream. Imagine being able to inject any code into any web application at any time to obtain login credentials, etc.

This isnโ€™t even a backdoor. This is a wide open frontdoor. Itโ€™s basically Backdoor as a Service.โ€

#skypack #snowpack #cdn #security #privacy

I honestly didn't think I'd live to see it, but I turn 61 today. It's my birthday ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰!

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