Here it is! The grand finale of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Should Python really be able to defend its title? Is C still the lingua franca of programming in 2020?

You decide!


That's what I call election meddling :-P

Flipping the vote at the ballet box



Probably not planned in your case, but this is exactly how it's done.

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So what are you reading into it? Which language do you see being favored by these statements?


It is very interesting how the mind works, and I have not been able to find a good example just yet. What happened here is closest to having one.. It's that subtile.

A man called Bernay's might be able to explain this.

:-) this is actually awesome to gain the insight and yet not being able to explain how it works.

@bifilarcoil @fribbledom My interpretation: literally reading the text suggests that you think Python doesn't deserve to be a winner.

@Parnikkapore @fribbledom

No, whoever wins is fine with me, this is why I suggested to delete my comments.

It is just damn interesting how this works between the ears.

In fact i'm curious who would win between Arduino simplified C and MicroPython

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