Why do they always say people don't like to be pushed around. People.do.want.to.be.pushed.around, it's validation. What people don't want is to be exploited.

Well, wow I'm now on the age where I think Seinfeld is better than Friends.

There is a significant difference between;

someone who understands what needs to be done as well as someone who understand how to build it.

Having an above-average skill set with one of them is difficult enough; but, being merely average with those two is far more difficult than being excellent with just one.

Live life in a permanent beta-version.

Always open to add then improve feature "skillsets" as required and/or if being challenged.

it's so cute how fast we changed our own opposition.

A year ago, most unvaccinated people raised their voices when they believed they were being discriminated against by offering vaccinated people small tokens such as discounts.

The same people now had a smile on their faces when they realized they were eligible for the same token.

No, of course, I'm relieved that we're now hurrying to get vaccinated.

It's just interesting how fast we changed when we are on the upside.

Okay. I made it; a one way geolocation pinging, can't trace back who made that ping... well technically speaking it can but it doesn't matter since it would take hundreds of hours just to trace back "one" geolocation entry from the unit who wrote it into my database.

What would you do if you have a data collection of LIVE nameless "footprints" of the whole country.

location anonymity ver.0.0.1 (it's still a baby tho.")

location anonymity, is it truly possible? hmm.

Q: What's got to be the worst place to live in right now?

A: Comfort Zone.

undoubtedly, hundred of years ago it makes total sense to just stay where you are good at because it provides a good amount of comfortability, but now, oh no.... for a lot of people being great at one specific field would not grant them any attention in good places, but rather it'll just show how predictable they are; especially on a job related-tasks.

I myself included of course. badly needed to fix mine.

There should be a coffee brand for mountain climbers which will be known for its special packaging with a primary intention of; it must be used as poop disposal bag.

I think mountain climbers would love it.

about 90% done with the latest patch.

Now I'm starting to take a liking on different concern levels around data-privacy.

Are there any for me to start my reading with? preferably around [location] .

"There's no reason to stop. If you're constantly thinking new thoughts and dealing with new problems, it refreshes your brain cells and make new connections."


thanks to chess.com, I now have a habit of playing a quick 5min blitz instead of scrolling fb during my breaks.

but i'm so much noob lol.

"We have two lives, and the second one begins when we realize we only have one."


Such a good episode! posting here so I remember to watch it all over again, sometime.


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