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I must really stop over engineer each segments!

The results are a factor of a self discipline.

PH-Facebook is so so... depressing. lmao.

Fb should add a feature where I could mass unfriend/unfollow everyone and leave only 50 or less connections.

My account hold tons of great memories, and I do not think that creating a new one, is the best option rn. what a drag.

Episode 41 of the All-in Podcast is such a bomb as always!!

Time really put us somewhere faster than we thought it would.

Not my birthday, but hell I just remembered I'm 24 now. Hahahaha*slowly fading away*ha ha ha h a h h h ...

Spotify should add a feature where I could see nearby stranger's playlist like anyone streaming music around 0-10meters from me.

like ShareIt but for music playlist, then share the music with those who wanted to connect, then you will be the host, like a part-time dj for short while.

imagine, seeing a portion of the train passengers earphone-headbanging synchronously to the red jumpsuit apparatus.

Ughhh felt like going back to zero.

but it's okay, just got to do it better.

“The minimum IQ required to destroy the world drops by one point every 18 months.”
-Eliezer Yudkowsky

What a really slow and unproductive month this is for me.

Finally, after #$% days, got this account back, i'm so dumb using that password hahaha

Hardwork doesn't necessarily mean putting hours of hours of work.

Hardwork is about choosing the hardest option in order to make something work.

1:100 that's the only ratio you have to keep in mind.

list down a 100 idea, 1 will surely work.

apply, re-apply to a 100 firms, 1 will meet your expectations career-wise.

send out a 100 cold-emails, 1 will entertain your proposal.

Heads up! Cheers!

"Everybody can tell you how to do it, but they'd never did it."
Jay-Z (Already Home)

Being benevolent and helpful can drive better decisions and better results.

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Are you a Filipino Healthcare Worker? Were you infected by COVID-19?

Congratulations, you can now beg the Government for compensation! You may now send the many required documents that requires many business days to get and you have to complete them within 2 days!

Terms and conditions apply.


Patch v.2.1 done!

My startup's code base is becoming messier and messier! problems!

Now, time to become an architecture student again and finally work on some thesis papers.

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