Why do the schools teach languages like to beginners?

1. Python and JavaScript have better learning curve, and still include basic programming logic stuff.

2. It's not really cross-platform (ie libraries automatically available on Linux aren't guaranteed on Windows)

@binyamin Because ... history?

Probably because the C++ teachers need a job and learning something else might inflict further, perhaps even fatal, damage to their already fractured psyche.

I kid. Some of my favorite apps are written in C++.

Honestly, Python is an amazing jumping off point for learning. C is there for getting into the weeds and things like JavaScript and C# are good for industry segment jobs.

@binyamin I started out with C++ in high school. What I liked was that the syntax of C++ is *very* generic. Basic C++ programs look almost identical to Java, C# and even JavaScript in some cases to the untrained eye. This came in handy when I tried to learn other languages. Plus, statically typed languages teach you the fundamentals about types, which is very important IMO.

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