Need some help.

So, in my profile picture, I'm wearing a mask. Masks are still a thing, but less so since when I made the graphic.

The problem is, um... I can't draw a mouth 😳. Anyone got a good learning resource for me? kthxbye

Is there a federated platform, like pleroma or mastodon, which allows following twitter accounts directly?

Is it worth switching to a newer tool, just to get a smaller footprint?

Wayland is newer. Ergo, less people have run into problems. Ergo ergo, less people can help you debug that same problem.

Someone who left Ubuntu for Arch Linux, and spent two days getting wifi working.

Seen on Facebook. Which, for the record, can be very distracting.

Hint: The subject of this photo is Actor William Shatner.
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@tychi But seriously, an advantage of gulp is you can use npm modules which don't have a cli.

@tychi Wow. I guess Everything is Better with JavaScript™.

I'm in somewhat of a quandry at the moment. I'm thinking about migrating from #WordPress to #Hugo for my personal site.

Couple of advantages to that - zero cost for hosting etc. and I won't have a web server to maintain. Also a much simpler and lighter sight (even though my site is already light).

However, the writing/publishing experience on WordPress is excellent.

Decisions decision. What would you do?

@rho @kev Why not use netlify functions? That wouldn't require any js in the frontend, just a link.

@jalcine I thought you're a web developer. How often do we need linked lists, heaps, and various sorting algorithms?

@robin Looking good! I had to look this one up on Wikipedia.

@tychi In true nerd fashion, I might just give them a note with the IPA spelling of my name. 😛 It's "bɪ.n.ˈjʌ.mɪn".

@kev I just found that a week or two ago. The authors have some very intriguing content on their respective sites. Particularly

@obsolete29 I've seen "john[remove-me]", which seems better.

Are there any community-curated lists of programming craziness in the wild?


- In vim, run ":help 42"

- Python has a module named "antigravity", which links to a relevant XKCD comic.

- The IETF's rfc2795, titled "The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite". It tests an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters in a locked room, to see if they can produce The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

My friend: My pet salmon died this morning.
Me: Oh, that's terrible. I'm so sorry for your lox.

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