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id imagine that the glass part (for the one on the left) is a one-way mirror
where the outside looking in could only see soda cans and bottles

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these are recouperacoon concepts for my troll; one is like one of those drink fridges you see in supermarkets

the other is straight up just a soda can with padding and sopor slime inside of it

I had to deal with cis boys invading having a lack of decency but

wooo hoo! i'M DONE WITH ONE (1) day of exams!

god bless my moirail for helping me set the right alarm to get up for exams tomorrow

because i genuinely cant tell the time. I have time blindness

Maybe im just tired or I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed but

I do not vibe with anyone sending me spoilers in DMs so early in the morning


Backgrounds I either helped with or drew entirely for Snowbound Blood Volume 9! I colored the first (lined by Xam) and then painted the second with three variants!

secily ponders a new possible acquisition to her collection #vasterror

Cinare's route SBB 

I was so caught up in the angst that I totally forgot about Cepros Xirong.

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sb vol 9 spoilers, opening of one of the routes 

anyway pN always finds a way directly to put a stake through my heart

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i can't believe i am once more disappointed about going back to secily's perpsective.

i need. more of the wives

anyways it's really sad how much of mshiri's route was obviously influenced by secily's internal biases and despite how deeply secily is infatuated with her she doesn't know her at all and is too caught up in this idealized perfect person who will always help her and take all her bullshit rather than being interested in learning who mshiri really is

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