To borrow a Buddhist phrasing, I've let go of my attachment to the idea that people are going to behave rationally and responsibly, and that makes reality easier to live with.

We forgot to refill the hummingbird feeder for a few days. I just found it knocked off its hanger, lying on the deck.

Damn, those little churls are passive-aggressive.

My brain came up with this silliness today. Yes, apparently this was more important than breakfast or my to-do list.

CW: Uvalde shooting 

"Why didn't the police confront the shooter?" Gee, I don't know, why didn't the ringwraiths confront Saruman? 🙄

Late afternoon conversation:

Me: Want to take a post-prandial walk?
J: Yes!
Me: OK. But we're going to have to prand first.

That's it, I'm adding "Be cat furniture" to my to-do list. That way I can still work on the list.

I made a little video when we went out to see the tulips after Tulip Festival:

Self-harm. Medical. Likely drug use and/or mental illness. 

My disquieting encounter with someone in need:

While trying on shoes, I translated between a clerk and a customer. I remembered approximately no Spanish from high school, but knew "encontrar" from learning to play "Dos Oruguitas," so that worked. 😁

Karen and I just watched "Die Fledermaus" last night.

I might have gotten into opera sooner if anyone had told me that "opera" means "sex comedy set to music".

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