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Just made a new account over at for my headmates. Now you don't have to see their posts if this whole plural thing is confusing for you. If it's not, and you still want to see their thoughts, you can find them @voidtreesys.

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I'm really glad I moved to Mastodon, moreso every day. I finally feel like I can just, be myself, without needing to worry about algorithms or social status like I did on Twitter.

It's such a nice feeling, I can vent when I need to and I'll feel a little better, even if nobody says anything about it. I feel so much better posting here than I have on any other social media, because it's actually, genuinely true social media here.

so, out of sheer boredom and wanting to make something, i went out of my way to extract the files of the ducktales remaster and made an edit of a scrooge sprite to be somewhat like his original outfit (which was also used in the 2017 reboot)

i think i did an alright job? i kinda didn't bother with shading for most of the areas so it looks a bit rough

unfortunately i have no way of converting this back into the file type the game can read so this is more of a proof of concept than anything

seeing someone ask if an adopt was an NFT actually just ruined my night im so pissed

here's something mildly annoying

in tf2 valve forgot (or just didn't bother) to animate the stickybomb launcher's reload handle in third person, which in turn cancels out my functional ejection port mod in that animation!

okay i got that issue all sorted, was just a mixture of me being stupid and it needing a couple restarts to save or something
definitely using librewolf as my main browser now though, opera was getting slow and bloated anyway

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decided to give librewolf a go, and i quite like it but the cookies whitelist is a little iffy, seems to just not log me back in after a browser restart on the sites i allow
hoping it's just me being dumb cause i hate having to login to my stuff each time i open my browser

found a free to use low-poly protogen model and decided to port it to source engine out of boredom

haven't actually put it in a game, mainly cause i had to make a new skeleton and materials since the model's rig was specifically for blender, but i think i did a decent enough job

i also had a little fun with the model while working since blender was stressing me tf out

seeing physics on link's hat in ocarina of time is a curse

(i don't know why the recording stretched to 16:9 i had it in normal 4:3 while playing)

i never clean out my mod projects, i always keep everything, including all the source files (even the obnoxiously large TGA files for textures)

this leads to a lot of space being used

"ewww look at these ugly old textures" stfu i will kill you

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gender identity talk, i guess 

y'know i already started considering my brain as a separate entity from my own consciousness when i rediscovered being a system a couple years back so ill just say it now

fuck you brain, stop making shit CONFUSING

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gender identity talk, i guess 

me a couple years ago: im ace, cis, and completely okay with it!

me now: am i male? am i even human? WHAT AM I?!

i feel like my passion for modding is gonna hurt me because i literally went from modelling something for tf2 and troubleshooting why the weighting wasn't working for an hour to writing lua code for a don't starve mod only 10 minutes later

sometimes i even wish i never learned how to mod cause now when i see problems im like "oh that's an easy fix" and then 5 hours later im on the brink of tears trying to figure out why things broke even more despite me doing everything perfectly

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