I have not slept for more than 4 hours a night in the past two weeks and it's really starting to hurt every fiber of my being.

It's literally just bot accounts that join and get deleted or leave after a week lmfao

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I don't think anything has ever pissed me off more than learning most animation cels from the original He-Man (and probably other shows from that era) were just thrown away after the episodes were finished.

The last Windows update I got was what they called a "mandatory" one since "my version won't be supported anymore". So I let it update, thinking "oh it'll just break a few tweaks I made that are easy to fix anyway" but no, it did something much worse.

They completely removed all my saved settings for my file browser. Each folder defaults to Detail view, has categories, and is sorted all wrong.

I'm fine with updates breaking programs & having to fix them, but screwing up my workflow? Not cool.

Seeing someone treat a free sourcemod as if it's a commercial product and trash talk it is sad. Sourcemods are almost always passion projects, most of us don't care about the playerbase after like 6 months, we're just happy we made something people enjoyed.

Although it's also really funny to watch someone get mad over a website for a game and then whine about it in a Discord server that has nothing to do with sourcemods, since he got banned from all the sourcemod servers. This has made my day.

Pride month is over, it's now legal to be straight again.

One day I'm going to sit down and watch the entire Star Wars Christmas special. I must know first hand how terrible it truly is.

If you told me that Halo CE would be getting more official customization options almost two decades after its initial release I would probably say you're insane.

Now we are getting it and it's incredibly surreal, but exciting at the same time.

Sure is fun when Discord decides to change my payment info to an invalid card just before my payment so I have to delete my card and re-enter all the info again just to fix it. Great service, absolutely flawless.

Why do all the dumb technical issues have to happen to me and none of my friends using the exact same thing? I swear it's a curse, just because I'm a tech geek I have to have every problem possible happen to me.

My server has exactly 101 emotes, but I want more. I don't know if it's a bad thing or not.

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Sometimes I want to make more emotes, then I remember I already made plenty of them just from Orko alone.

just sitting in fed timeline is fun

Finally about to go home after a hellish weekend dealing with dad's parents. It's never felt better.

I'm gonna put an emoji in the C++ code and break everything real quick.

I had to log in with my phone's browser and use the desktop view to archive them. Why is the mobile app so damn useless? It doesn't let you do anything other than browse repos and submit issues.

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I need to archive some old branches on the organization page for TFC:S on GitHub but the mobile app doesn't have that functionality. Thanks a lot, GitHub.

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