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So who remembers the old Half-Life 1 Alpha? Version 0.52 that got bought on eBay then put online? Yeah I've been messing with it a bit.

I got its version of Worldcraft to run, in Windows 10, too. Unfortunately when compiling it fails because it's looking for "prospero" and I have no idea if that's a folder, or a file, or who knows what else that should be there.

I'm a little disappointed, I would've loved to see what I could do with making maps for the 0.52 Alpha, but oh well.

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Just made a new account over at for my headmates. Now you don't have to see their posts if this whole plural thing is confusing for you. If it's not, and you still want to see their thoughts, you can find them @voidtreesys.

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I'm really glad I moved to Mastodon, moreso every day. I finally feel like I can just, be myself, without needing to worry about algorithms or social status like I did on Twitter.

It's such a nice feeling, I can vent when I need to and I'll feel a little better, even if nobody says anything about it. I feel so much better posting here than I have on any other social media, because it's actually, genuinely true social media here.

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tumblr toxicity, ptsd 

If there's any example of how bad social media can get for you my relationship with Tumblr is definitely one. Tumblr was (and probably still is) so toxic towards white people, men, and cisgendered people that I'm not only ashamed of being all three, I'm terrified of women in general because of it.

If you ever join any kind of social media and you start getting bad vibes about how it'll effect you, please do something before it's too late.

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Someone reuploaded the mod and he's throwing a fit over it in the comments now. He claims it's "impossible to improve on" and that he didn't give anyone permission to edit the files.

Man, if you didn't want them to edit it why release the files in the first place? He contradicts himself on every comment, this is hilarious. Who needs entertainment media when you have the Steam community?

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Guess I'll wait a few more days until I can go out and get one.

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Because I'm a moron I forgot to check if the Pi I ordered came with a microSD card.

It didn't.

Found an archive of HL1 texture sources, adding that to my archive as well. It's building up to be pretty big, really glad the Nextcloud hardware I got is coming in today.

I can't stop laughing at memes like this and I'm hardly even a programmer.

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Time to relock my Twitter lol

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subtoot, birdsite, but it's kinda funny 

He blocked me, didn't even respond.

I tried getting through to him, at least encourage him to actually talk with people instead of blindly throwing around DMCAs, but oh well.

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subtoot, birdsite, but it's kinda funny 

Just had to log into Twitter for the first time in like 6 months cause some idiot was tryna start shit with me over a L4D mod.

Instead of DMing me and asking for me to take down my mod, y'know what he does? Files a DMCA immediately and blocks me so I can't even contact him myself.

He claims to hate the community but when you act like a pretentious asshole about everything, and refuse to communicate, can you really blame the community for not liking you?

Well it's up now, and honestly I'm liking how my Workshop page is looking so far.

Also sneak-peek at a mod me and a friend are working on together cause why not.

Wanted to upload a mod and the moment I try the Steam Workshop went down, just my luck.

I see this every time I open L4D2. Whoever's hosting that "Fuck DDoSer" server is on a fuckin mission I tell ya.

Quick random question for any fellow tech people, cause I'm still kinda new to networking with a Raspberry Pi, is it possible to SSH in at any point when it's booted or do I have to get it logged in first?

So apparently
CalyxOS is incompatible with Sprint outside of using eSIM, because it refuses to let the phone number be locked to the IMEI.

So now I have to switch phone providers.


Grand total is ~$110 for my server. This is gonna be great.

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Gonna set up my own NextCloud server sometime soon. Feels like it'll be a good project to distract myself and it'd be useful for me and my friends/family.

Already have a subdomain and everything so all I need is the hardware.

Installed TWRP and am now installing CalyxOS with their device flasher. So glad it's finally happening.

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