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Just made a new account over at for my headmates. Now you don't have to see their posts if this whole plural thing is confusing for you. If it's not, and you still want to see their thoughts, you can find them @voidtreesys.

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I'm really glad I moved to Mastodon, moreso every day. I finally feel like I can just, be myself, without needing to worry about algorithms or social status like I did on Twitter.

It's such a nice feeling, I can vent when I need to and I'll feel a little better, even if nobody says anything about it. I feel so much better posting here than I have on any other social media, because it's actually, genuinely true social media here.

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tumblr toxicity, ptsd 

If there's any example of how bad social media can get for you my relationship with Tumblr is definitely one. Tumblr was (and probably still is) so toxic towards white people, men, and cisgendered people that I'm not only ashamed of being all three, I'm terrified of women in general because of it.

If you ever join any kind of social media and you start getting bad vibes about how it'll effect you, please do something before it's too late.

Getting called downstairs to help with tech is nice, being that I'm the only one in the house with any amount of training.

But I'm also only certified for hardware, some very specific software problems, and incredibly basic networking. (I still can't even port-forward without help, even LAN gives me issues)

So if I'm asked to solve one more network problem that's out of my skill level or even impossible since it's server-side, I'm gonna s n a p.

Here's a pic of the stray cat that's been coming by our house. He's real friendly, but he's really old and sick, missing teeth too. He's been through quite a lot but he's still hanging on, and I love him for that.

I just hope that when he goes it's painless for him.

Joy-con drift has finally set in for my Switch. At least it lasted about two years without it, I guess. Glad I switched to a 3rd party controller for the most part before now but handheld mode is gonna be a bitch from now on.

I have found the best pair of custom emotes in a Discord server ever.

Grubhub deliveries are fine until you get an order before the restaurant gets it, then spend 20 minutes waiting on them to prepare it.

I'm not even mad honestly I just wanna know how I got the order and arrived before the restaurant even knew about the order in the first place.

racism mention 

like it was in a discord server i joined because my friend said it was a safe space i could stay in to try and recover from recent events

guess that was wrong huh ;)

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racism mention 

just got attacked for being white while also being told that racism against whites isn't possible because we're not oppressed

i am just done with humanity man why can't i just exist in peace and not get attacked for just being myself

Reminder that autism speaks is a hate organization

Me and my mom are gonna be Grubhub drivers, starting today.

Not really an "official" job since it's under her name only but we're splitting the workload and pay so I'm gonna call it that anyway.

Videos with inconsistent audio balance piss me off to no end. My ears are already sensitive as fuck and both have tinnitus, so hearing someone's voice switch from mono, to stereo, back to mono over and over through the course of a single video is NOT enjoyable.

It's even worse if the mono clips switch sides, hearing one clip from the right ear and then another from the left is so disorienting and weird for me.

Two appointments in one day, and one is basically just paperwork for the new case manager. This is gonna be a really boring day.

Just made a new account over at for my headmates. Now you don't have to see their posts if this whole plural thing is confusing for you. If it's not, and you still want to see their thoughts, you can find them @voidtreesys.

Yesterday I blacked out and when I came back to there was a new headmate in our system. Definitely weird to have that happen but they're nice, so at least it's not a negative headmate again, one is already enough.

It'd be nice if I could talk to them without losing track of them every few seconds. God I hate how stress effects our communication so much.

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Kind of considering moving to, but I'm still unsure of it. I'm a little nervous about it, but it'd possibly be better for learning more about being a system? I'll have to talk to my headmates about it, see how they feel about it.

end 2 end encryption? how about you end 2 end my suffering

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