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Please think of
Use a centred dot to indicate screenreaders where to split a long word, f.i. Sesqui•pedalo•phobie 😉
Follow the bot @PleaseCaption
It will follow you and remind you in each case automatically (a few seconds later) with this PM:
"Please remember to caption your media. It makes Mastodon more accessible!
Not too late to delete and re-draft."
That seems to be the only way to add captions to your media afterwards.

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I found today that "if you are out of spoons or there is anything else why you can’t write image description you can tag @imagecaptionspls and someone else will write the caption for you!"
That's a great tipp, @hyperflexible (Source )
And thank you all for doing the tag or the description. 💐

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We are founding a new group named
as a meeting point for parents with children, f.i. , , (Former) children are welcome, too. 😉
Auch deutschsprachig.

@Nasenspray @fruechtchen

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Bitte denk an |e
Nutz einen Mediopunkt um schwierige Wörter zu trennen, z.b. Sesqui•pedalo•phobie 😉
Folge dem Bot @PleaseCaption
Es wird dir folgen und dich automatisch (jeweils kurz danach) mit dieser PM erinnern:
"Please remember to caption your media. It makes Mastodon more accessible!
Not too late to delete and re-draft."
Welches der einzige Weg zu sein scheint um zu deinen Medien hinterher hinzuzufügen.

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I'm Birgit and boycott W(hatsApp)T(witter)F(acebook).😜
I believe in and (that is no contradiction), try to unterstand and accept opinions and points of view.
I want to protect the (esp. the ocean), take a stand against unrestrained economic growth, and of anyone weaker (countries, people etc.), but sometimes have to compromise about my ideals in everyday life.

Privacy Tools & Alternative Software List


Category List below (Text version)

Web Browser
Browser Addons
E-Mail Clients
Password Managers
Authenticator (2FA)
File Sharing & Sync
File Encryption
Instant Messaging
Video & Voice
Digital Notebooks
Productivity & Work
Operating Systems
Windows Privacy
Android Alternatives
Android Keyboards
Router Firmware
Translation Tools
Anon Networks
Torrent Clients
Disk Cleaners
RSS Readers
Whistleblower Tools
Privacy-enhancing Services
VPN Provider
Email Provider
Email Aliases
Web Search
World Maps
Hosting & Domain
Cloud Storage
Photo Gallery
YouTube Alternatives
Social Networks
Blog Hosting
Block Ads
Gag Orders
Cryptocurrency Tools and Services
Crypto Exchanges
Bitcoin Wallets
Monero Wallets
Crypto Swap

#Tor #Hosting #WWW #Web #Server #Libre #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Email #Encryption #Bitcoin #Cloud #Search #Hosts #Maps

#Web #Privacy #Tools #Software #Alternatives

Web Analytics without Tracking and Pop-ups

Using Plausible = no tracking any personal data but allows stats and the usual!

Plausible analytics

How we count unique users
WITHOUT cookies
^----- this part has some clever stuff (specifically here

By using Plausible you are not tracking any personal data!

- you don’t need to have any GDPR, CCPA or PECR prompts

- you don’t need a complex privacy policy about your use of analytics and cookies.

Your visitors can enjoy your site without any annoyances and distractions.

"Why I quit using Google"
by Kyle Piira @kyle

Web page version:

Text version below (no hyperlinks)

So I was recently asked why I prefer to use free and open source software over more conventional and popular proprietary software and services.

A few years ago I was an avid Google user. I was deeply embedded in the Google ecosystem and used their products everywhere. I used Gmail for email, Google Calendar and Contacts for PIM, YouTube for entertainment, Google Newsstand for news, Android for mobile, and Chrome as my web browser.

I would upload all of my family photos to Google Photos and all of my personal documents to Google Drive (which were all in Google Docs format). I used Google Domains to register my domain names for websites where I would keep track of my users using Google Analytics and monetize them using Google AdSense.

I used Google Hangouts (one of Google’s previous messaging plays) to communicate with friends and family and Google Wallet (with debit card) to buy things online and in-store.

My home is covered with Google Homes (1 in my office, 1 in my bedroom, 1 in the main living area) which I would use to play music on my Google Play Music subscription and podcasts from Google Podcasts.

I have easily invested thousands of dollars into my Google account to buy movies, TV shows, apps, and Google hardware devices. This was truly the Google life.

Then one day, I received an email from Google that changed everything.
“Your account has been suspended”

Just the thing you want to wake up to in the morning. An email from Google saying that your account has been suspended due to a perceived Terms of Use violation. No prior warning. No appeals process. No number to call. Trying to sign in to your Google account yields an error and all of your connected devices are signed out. All of your Google data, your photos, emails, contacts, calendars, purchased movies and TV shows. All gone.

I nearly had a heart attack, until I saw that the Google account that had been suspended was in fact not my main personal Google account, but a throwaway Gmail account that I created years prior for a project. I hadn’t touched the other account since creation and forgot it existed. Apparently my personal Gmail was listed as the recovery address for the throwaway account and that’s why I received the termination email.

Although I was able to breathe a sigh of relief this time, the email was wake up call. I was forced to critically reevaluate my dependence on a single company for all the tech products and services in my life.

I found myself to be a frog in a heating pot of water and I made the decision that I was going to jump out.
Leaving Google

Today there are plenty of lists on the internet providing alternatives to Google services such as this and this. Although the “DeGoogle” movement was still in its infancy when I was making the move.

The first Google service I decided to drop was Gmail, the heart of my online identity. I migrated to Fastmail with my own domain in case I needed to move again (hint: glad I did, now I self host my email). Fastmail also provided calendar and contacts solutions so that took care of leaving Google Calendar and Contacts.

Here are some other alternatives that I moved to:

Gmail → Fastmail → Self-hosted (via Cloudron)
Google Contacts → Fastmail → Nextcloud Contacts
Google Calendar → Fastmail → Nextcloud Calendar
Google Search → Bing → DuckDuckGo
Google Maps → Bing Maps → OpenStreetMaps and OsmAnd
Google Analytics → Matomo Analytics
Google Drive → Nextcloud Files
Google Photos → Nextcloud Files/Gallery
Google Docs → Collabora Office (Nextcloud integration) and LibreOffice
Google Play Music → Spotify / Plex → Spotify / Jellyfin
Google Play Movies/TV → Plex → Jellyfin
Google Play Audiobooks/Books → Audible/Kindle
Google Play Store (apps) → F-Droid / Aurora Store
Google Android → Lineage OS → Ubuntu Touch on PinePhone (coming soon?)
Google’s Android Apps → Simple Mobile Tools
Google Chrome → Mozilla Firefox
Google Domains → Hover
Google Hangouts → Matrix and Nextcloud Talk
Google Allo → Signal
Google Podcasts → PocketCasts → AntennaPod
Google Newsstand → RSS
Google Wallet → PayPal and Cash App
Google Voice →Ting Mobile

Migrating away from Google was not a fast or easy process. It took years to get where I am now and there are still several Google services that I depend on: YouTube and Google Home.

Eventually, my Google Home’s will grow old and become unsupported at which point hopefully the Mycroft devices have matured and become available for purchase. YouTube may never be replaced (although I do hope for projects like PeerTube to succeed) but I find the compromise of using only one or two Google services to be acceptable.

At this point losing my Google account due to a mistake in their machine learning would largely be inconsequential and my focus has shifted to leaving Amazon which I use for most of my shopping and cloud services.

The reason that I moved to mostly FOSS applications is that it seems to be the only software ecosystem where everything works seamlessly together and I don’t have to cede control to any single company. Alternatively I could have simply split my service usage up evenly across Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple but I don’t feel that they would have worked as nicely together.

Overall I’m very happy with the open source ecosystem. I use Ubuntu with KDE on all of my computers and Android (no GApps) on my mobile phone. I’ve ordered the PinePhone “Brave Heart” and hope to one day be able to use it or one of its successors as a daily driver with Ubuntu Touch or Plasma Mobile.

I don’t want to give the impression that I exclusively use open source software either, I do use a number of proprietary apps including: Sublime Text, Typora, and Cloudron.

@ConnyDuck new Tusky terms of Service: you have to agree to say "fuck google!" aloud three times before launching the app the first time after any update. [does not apply to users who install thru f-droid]

@kuketzblog Wer das gelesen hat, bitte unbedingt auch die Replik auf Sascha Lobo: "Datenschutz ist unentbehrlich" von Thilo Weichert lesen.

@kuketzblog Herrn Lobos Visionär-Flughöhe lässt ihn übersehen:

➡️Technologie ist nicht gleich Geschäftsmodell
➡️Technologie kann und sollte reguliert werden
➡️Auch in anderen Branchen wird Technologie reguliert, Haftung & Verantwortung zugeteilt
➡️nicht jede Innovation ist sinnvoll oder rechtens
➡️nicht die Regeln sind (oft) das Problem, sondern Inkompetenz
➡️den digitalen Wilden Westen, ohne Gesetz hatten wir schon

Es mag ein Schock sein, aber Recht kommt.👊🏼

Communicate a range of ideas.
- for your website
- for your posts
- for Mastodon Social

I think even just browsing helps a person express or find a topic!

"Now you see the problem. Now you fix it."

Popular expressions (see picture) Rat Race, Escape from Rat Race, Work Desk, Eject,
Overworked, Pulling Hair,

“elephant in the room.” could be better

Would 'German efficiency' as a description offend you if it is meant as a compliment to German (or any cultures) previous engineering success and cultural aspect of getting things done while also meaning in a human concept 'cutting out' of the more human forms of things like emotional intelligence, empathy, more-human / non-engineering forms of consideration?

✅ SEARCH ENGINES (Independent WWW)

(in order of what sounds good)

☑️ Gigablast is an American free and open-source web search engine and directory. Founded in 2000, it is an independent engine and web crawler, developed and maintained by Matt Wells, a former Infoseek employee and New Mexico Tech graduate. (Source: wikipedia)

----- below I'm not 100% sure about but similar category and interesting!-----

Mojeek is a search engine based in the United Kingdom. The search results provided by Mojeek come from its own index of web pages, created by crawling the web. (Source: wikipedia)

Neeva only shows you real results. No ads or affiliate links ever.
Created by ex-Google execs. Did you know 40% of search results are ads?

Wiby is a search engine for older style pages, lightweight and based on a subject of interest. Building a web more reminiscent of the early internet. - the open source search engine

The software for this search engine is all custom-built, and all crawling and indexing is done in-house. The project is open source. Feel free to poke about in the source code or contribute to the development!


This is an independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed.

The software for this search engine is all custom-built, and all crawling and indexing is done in-house. The project is open source. Feel free to poke about in the source code or contribute to the development!

Support the project!

Wikipedia - -

Multilingual free online encyclopedia. <10th most popular hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American non-profit organization funded mainly through donations.

-- Wikiquote -

-- Wikidata - -
Open data that Wikimedia projects use, uses CC0 public domain license.

-- Wikiversity -

Wikimini(FR) -
Family of online encyclopedias for children


#Search #WWW #Web
#Browser #SearchEngines

#Bluelight = nothing good:
#Blue #light, as it is currently emitted by #LEDs in lamps and computer and smartphone screens, intensifies #aging and can also damage #eyes.
--> avoid too much blue light.

Ärztinnen und Ärzte für individuelle Impfentscheidung e. V.

Am Donnerstag, den 8. September um 12:30 ist es so weit. Im #Bundestag wird über die Änderungen im #Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG) entschieden. Sollte sich keine Mehrheit für den Antrag finden, laufen die #Corona-Verordnungen regulär am 23. September 2022 aus.

Deutschland braucht keine #Panikmache mehr, sondern Vernunft und Verhältnismäßigkeit. Renommierte Experten haben sich mittlerweile dafür ausgesprochen, dass die Endemie erreicht ist. So gut wie alle umliegenden Länder haben die #Pandemie für beendet erklärt. Jeder, der sich schützen möchte, konnte dies tun. Deshalb brauchen wir kein neues #IfSG mehr!


@bonifartius What many don’t realize is that Russia is selling it’s gas to China, and China then sells to many of the EU countries right now. At a higher price of course. The politico’s are nuts!

🇬🇷 Auch, wenn es derzeit schwer vorstellbar scheint, dass sich griech. Regierung & Behörden von einer Petition beeindrucken lassen, wo sie schon EGMR-Urteile ignorieren.

Es geht um 39 Menschenleben,
es geht um ein 5-jähriges Kind, dem selbst im Tod die Würde geraubt wird.


#Evros #RefugeesGR

Wer wird diese Menschen retten?

"Gefangene #RefugeesGR in #Evros – Herr Mitarakis, wessen Insel ist das?
Viele offene Fragen, die unbeantwortet bleiben...
Wer wird diese Menschen retten?"

Christina Margioti via Documento News

Landgericht: "#Pimmelgate"-Razzia war unverhältnismäßig

Das Landgericht erklärte, dass zwar ein Anfangsverdacht gegen den Absender des Tweets bestanden habe, die Verhältnismäßigkeit zwischen der schlichten Beleidigung und der Razzia aber in diesem Fall nicht gewährleistet gewesen sei. Schon zum Tag der Wohnungsdurchsuchung sei dies klar gewesen, so das Gericht weiter.


Does someone have a spare safari hat and wants to sell it to me? :) #mch2022

Eine Freundin mit Sohn sucht dringend eine 1,5-2 Raumwohnung in 01099 #dresden!
Bis 600 warm.
Oder eine MitbewohnerIn für ihre WG in der Helgolandstraße.
Wenn ihr was wisst oder hört. Meldet euch gern

So far so good on this informal pronouns survey for anyone of any gender - about 1,500 responses. :)

It could do with more men (especially cis men) participating, and more cis women too, so RTs welcome! It closes on Tuesday.

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Wir sollen #Gas sparen wärend es gerade in der #Strom erzeugung verfeuert wird und durch ein unglaublich bescheuertes System auch noch den #Strompreis in die höhe treibt.

Egal ob man den günstigen #Solarstrom oder #Windstrom kauft. Bezahlt wird dafür immer so viel, wie der teuerste Strom gerade kostet. Und das ist momentan der aus Gas.

Da wird man von der Politik doch verlangen können dass dieser Schwachsinn abgestellt wird, ehe man den Leuten die #Heizung abdreht.

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