I'm Birgit and boycott W(hatsApp)T(witter)F(acebook).😜
I believe in and (that is no contradiction), try to unterstand and accept opinions and points of view.
I want to protect the (esp. the ocean), take a stand against unrestrained economic growth, and of anyone weaker (countries, people etc.), but sometimes have to compromise about my ideals in everyday life.

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@PaulaForFuture I have already switch to GNU/Linux from MSFT. Deleted MSFT account. Stopped using Smart Phone. Moving forward to my next target #DeleteGoogle. Worried about nature and natural ecosystems. Your articles and toots help me a lot to understand the world from different perspective.

Thank you for the list πŸ€— (I use this as often as I can since, as Romanian orphans showed, and can't get nearly enough nowadays in RL), but I found your list already (in fact, because of you I tried to get an account on, but they didn't answer 😭 ).
Boycotting WTF is not a new thing for me (and all my children πŸ‘), but I discovered the fediverse barely a week ago. So here I am.
I will look into your link.

@matiaslavik Thank you. πŸ€—
I am a little proud that even my children don't use it - instead discord, and, of course, YouTube.πŸ˜”
Could you check if my profile looks good? I think the image isn't shown right (at least on smartphones).

@blueplanetslittlehelper Wow, well done! I hope I'll be able to do the same for my upcoming child πŸ˜…
This is how it looks on my laptop:

@matiaslavik O.k., I changed the image a little bit, I hope the whole sentence 😏 can be seen now.
I didn't do anything, really. Children grow on their own, one don't have to raise them. All they need is example and love, nothing more. I love them despite their flaws, they know they don't have to behave a certain way to deserve love. I learned to love myself the same way, which was a lot harder since I was raised differently.
Sorry for the long rant, the topic is dear to my heart. 🀷

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