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Habe jetzt in meinem Mini-Gewächshaus endlich die Samen von ausgesät.
Werden recht spät ins Freiland dürfen, aber besser als zu früh.
Selbstgebastelte (LED-)Beleuchtung als Ausgleich für fehlende Fensterbank (Südseite ist voll und Nordseite zu kalt)
Bei Generalprobe mit Ostergras und Kräutern vor 2 Monaten kam es zu Schimmelbildung, jetzt weiß ich es besser (Lüftung!) und kann hoffentlich gerecht werden.

Food, vegan sweets 

I made filled chocolates using
Sadly, the amount of 🍫 I used didn't last to fill the moulds properly, but it was delicious nevertheless.
The lemon and strawberry fillings I made with Veg Joghurt using
I put it inside the same moulds to set first, took them out and later back in with chocolate below and above. The peanut butter stayed as is and was filled inside the chocolate covered moulds with a spoon.
Freeze and 😋

Food toot, vegan cakes 

Easter is in our family a holiday with brunch and masses of sweet . Yeast braid can be easily made , but our spring special, a sponge filled with apricot, joghurt and whipped cream, is more difficult. My first try looks as it should, let's see how it tastes.
The excess dough went into sandwich cakes filled with blueberry buttercream and gianduja quark (only vegetarian and already eaten) and a crust for our customary lemon cake.

Heute am globalen •tag von habe ich erstmals ihre Sprühkreide+Schablonen ausprobiert. Leider nicht sehr leserlich+schnell leer (oder ich kann es nur nicht🤷), deshalb hier nochmals meine Botschaft:
Eltern wählen für ihre Kinder!
Netto 0 bis 2035

food, rant 

I like to cook, usually. But not every day for 4+ persons where one is sensitive (Asperger) and one plain stubborn (husband). I miss the times I cooked only for myself while the children got their lunch at school/university. I miss cooking what strikes my fancy after reading recipe blogs or food toots (or nothing but a cold salad), not limit myself to dishes all would eat. Yesterday I made stuffed peppers and had to include couscous and fake meatballs since half doesn't like peppers.

Zum Anlass des heutigen (21.1.) Weltknuddeltages eine Runde von "virtual hugs for all"
(gerne dranhängen)
und dazu Fakten und Tipps:
Haustiere und Bäume wirken auch!

Vegan food 

Even if I don't participate in , I had to try this Brownies and they were a hit for the whole family.
The recipe is, but with applesauce Instead of oil. Delicious our as well as topped with powdered sugar or chocolate frosting, even if at first sniff a bit strange (the beetroots seems to have a distinct smell), and sometimes a little piece of zucchini peeks out.

3rd vegan food toot: vegan meatballs 

meatballs that look+taste like meat (as per my picky husband and sensitive son), made according to this recipe but with pea protein (and 10% Jackfruit) instead of soy TVP, lupin flour and a lot less fat (I didn't do "freeze the coconut oil and grate it"). Seasoned with grilled paprika and Worcestershire sauce, fried slowly and served with 🍝 and warm cauliflower-beet-salad.


My second Vegan-Food-Toot 

I don't exactly participate in , but cook quite often vegan dishes. Difficult due to sensitive children. This was KFC with mashed potato (due to consistency not from scratch, mixed with Cashew butter), cucumber salad and mushrooms.
The fake chicken parts are store bought and made of (added with ), put in marinade, breaded ala Jamie Oliver and baked in the oven (the big ones, the smaller ones stayed uncovered and were fried in the pan).

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Mein zweiter Vegan-Food-Toot 

Ich mache zwar nicht beim mit, habe aber recht oft veganes Essen auf dem Tisch. Wegen etwas sensibler Kinder schwierig. Heute gab es KFC mit |em Kartoffel-Püree (aus Tüte wegen Konsistenz, mit Cashew-Mus verfeinert), Gurkensalat und Pilzen.
Die Hühnersatz-Stücke waren fertig aus (mit zugesetztem ), über Nacht mariniert und dann nach Jamie-Oliver-Art paniert und gebacken (nur die großen, die kleinen wurden so gebraten).


My first Strawberry pie
Adapted recipes mostly from
With strawberry sirup that had to go instead of lemon and my first try at a vegan pie crust that came out a little bit too crumbly. Even the buttercream used vegan butter from that site.

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