I have this crazy fucking feeling Fauci is gonna be the fall guy and get slammed soon. The Democrats are taking it in the shorts because of mandates and the economy. People are switching parties in droves, regretting their Biden choice. And the civil unrest across this nation is reaching a tipping point. The Ghislaine Maxwell fiasco, and Jan. 6th commission and it’s coverup. Pretty soon I feel everyone is going to blame him and deflect their own atrocities and make him the poster child of blame.

KN95 masks supplied to lawmaker offices by the Office of the Attending Physician… are stamped “MADE IN CHINA”.
Some members aren’t happy.
The Capitol Attending physician recently ordered masks be upgraded to N95 or KN95’s bc of Omicron… they’re required on the House floor. One lawmaker tells me, “You have 435 Members of the US House wearing ‘Made in China’ stamped on their face.” twitter.com/JacquiHeinrich/sta

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My wife is a sneaky little bitch. God love her. She got all our friends together for a surprise party for me. Didn’t see that coming. She is the love of my life.

Nothing like working a 9 1/2 hour day on 3 hours of sleep.😵‍💫. I’m on fumes.

I see the NCAA is now going to credit athletes/students who've had Covid with being fully vaccinated. All you need is "documentation" sufficient to satisfy the Nazis when they demand to see your papers.

I won't have any "official" documentation if they come for me. Just my 2nd Amendment.

But this is a great sign. A crack in the dam. Within a couple months I suspect nearly everyone who was going to get Covid will have gotten Covid.

With Rogan leaving Twitter and bringing with him 700,000, mass exodus from blue states, ( CA, NY and IL ), Biden’s poll numbers tanking, it is a sign that the red wave is looming. Keep spreading the truth. Keep up the fight. The left is starting to crumble.

And before you think that many people don't pay taxes anymore, they're paying a big one right now called #inflation.

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