So tomorrow is gonna be a waste of eggs. That also goes for women menstruating.

How long til CNN turns on Biden, Fauci and “ woke “ ideology just to get ratings? Just saying.🧐

The government has accomplished one thing through all this. They've now lost any credibility they may have previous had.

This guy... Ron Filipkowski... said he "follows and monitors" Trump supporters and MAGA on social platforms... He takes snippets of comments, or in the case of the latest rally, he takes snippets of speeches... And presents it to Liberal outlets in order to combat misinformation.

These infiltrators could be anywhere... Maybe even here!🤣

Professional ballplayers can't bet money on themselves but congress can own Pfizer stock . Let that sink in .

So the stock markets crashed again today. Crypto is mirroring it. January looks to be down, so that is an indication that 2022 is going to be a shit year for the economy. Thanks Biden, you’re an asshat.

I have this crazy fucking feeling Fauci is gonna be the fall guy and get slammed soon. The Democrats are taking it in the shorts because of mandates and the economy. People are switching parties in droves, regretting their Biden choice. And the civil unrest across this nation is reaching a tipping point. The Ghislaine Maxwell fiasco, and Jan. 6th commission and it’s coverup. Pretty soon I feel everyone is going to blame him and deflect their own atrocities and make him the poster child of blame.

KN95 masks supplied to lawmaker offices by the Office of the Attending Physician… are stamped “MADE IN CHINA”.
Some members aren’t happy.
The Capitol Attending physician recently ordered masks be upgraded to N95 or KN95’s bc of Omicron… they’re required on the House floor. One lawmaker tells me, “You have 435 Members of the US House wearing ‘Made in China’ stamped on their face.”

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My wife is a sneaky little bitch. God love her. She got all our friends together for a surprise party for me. Didn’t see that coming. She is the love of my life.

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