Three years before she was "Running Up That Hill" – and 40 years ago this week – Kate Bush took us into "The Dreaming." This weekend, the Friday Flashback revisits and celebrates one of the more experimental records in the singer's catalog.

This weekend, the Friday Flashback celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of SIGNALS, the album that (depending on your point of view) kicked off Rush's keyboard era.

On 8/20/1982, 40 years ago this weekend, Yazoo (or Yaz as they were known in the US) released their debut album. UPSTAIRS AT ERIC'S is the featured record this week on the Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback is celebrating the 40th anniversary of VACATION by The Go-Go's! Released in 1982, this record reached the top 10 thanks to two hits in the Billboard Hot 100. Do you have a fave track from this album?

Santana's 13th studio album, SHANGÓ, is featured in this week's Friday Flashback. Released early in August 1982, SHANGÓ is now 40 years old!

There is going to be a DETECTIVE CHIMP collection. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Detective Chimp collects Amazing World of DC Comics #1, DC Comics Presents #35, DC Special #1, Tarzan #231 and #234-235, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, #6-46, and Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #6!
List price: $16.99
276 Pages
Due March 28, 2023

This week on the Friday Flashback, it's the 40th anniversary of Billy Squier's third solo album, EMOTIONS IN MOTION. This album had two big hits: the title track and "Everybody Wants You"!

Just your Friendly Neighborhood Mad Scientist with a bucket of fog! (photo taken by staff member @ the Lower Southampton Early Learning Center, 7/27/2022)

is in full swing, so this week's Friday Flashback features a trio of 1980s tunes inspired by, about, or somehow related to books.

When the locals fail the second half a Little Free Library's instructions.

📸 Photo taken 7/15/2022 @ Friend's Central School in Wynnewood.

What the chemistry flask sees just before your friendly neighborhood Mad Scientist drops in a few bits of dry ice.

"Horrors happen, I’m grown, I know it.
  Bro, Fate can f*** you up."

~from _Beowulf: A New Translation_ (2020)
by Maria Dahvana Headley

And here's the Friday Flashback for 7/15/2022. We're celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hunters & Collectors' eponymous debut album! Do you remember these Australian art-funk rockers? (Boy, that phrase looks kinda weird).


Anthology edited by Mayo Mohs.
First Avon Printing, January 1974*.
Cover by Norman Adams.

Collects stories written in the 1950s & 1960s, all of which feature religious themes in science fiction. "All, in one way or another, have to do with religion, religious myth, conscience or that inestimable beyondness about life that we call the transcendental" (introduction, p. 12).

If you want a glimpse of the stories and authors, see this post:

The Friday Flashback revisits Peter Shilling's debut album, FEHLER IM SYSTEM, released 40 years ago this week (July 3, 1982). This album is famous for the only other hit song, that is not by David Bowie, about an astronaut named Tom.

Z2 Comics is releasing a graphic novel about Dee Snider (Twisted Sister vocalist) and his PMRC testimony (September 1985). And I will preorder that jawn!! #1985

A little background:


Image: Deluxe bundle

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