the polycule breaking into an abandoned investment property to start a cool queer squat

few days ago on the party I decided that we will watch and now my friends told me that they never give me a chance to pick a movie :giggles:
It was Joan Lui — masterpiece written, directed and starred by gigantic ego of Andriano Celentano, it's so bad that actually it is good in my opinion, like very cringe version of Jesus Christ Superstar

winter is beautiful, snow covers shame but people can ruin this with their cars, salt, sand and road reagents

pixelfed looks awesome but I have no photos to share & all my friends with photos are in instafacebook slavery :thounking:

NeoChat, KDE's native Matrix chat client, is out and comes with a new login page that detects the server configuration from your ID, stickers, message editing, and much more. Check out all that's new at

>Google struggles to fix its new Stadia game after shutting down own studios
haha oops meow :giggles:

sleepy day 💤
like a cat sleeps all day but feel tired
interesting paper about European GDPR, big leviathans like google and Facebook easily coped with it, but many small services don't, so balance got worse after all

vim vs emac is like a fight over which brand of multitool is the best

and i'm just sitting here with a spork (nano)

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