When you are Joker, but you are also born in Russia

Just a friendly reminder how great #wallabag is! You can save a lot of time and nerves just using it as a proxy for reading articles on some blogs and medium. Open source IIRC, you can self host or get an account on wallabag.it for example. Friend sent you a link to interesting article, but it's on medium? Just wallabag it and read it later on your phone/tablet, with some settings tweaking even when you are offine.

Thinking about moving from andOTP to keepasxc generated OTP, andOTP works good but for entering sites I have to bring my phone. But if OTPS and passwords in the same encrypted database it's not a *real* 2FA?

use a password manager
use a password manager
use a password manager


the official account of vnukovo airport compares the airplane that's about to deliver opposition activist alexey @navalny@twitter.com to russia with nazi german airplanes that bombed the soviet union in ww2 >_<

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Is there has some mastodon client which can do separate column for local timeline for any open instance? I want to read several local timelines in one time

oh my zsh has such a beautiful logo then it updates on my android (or pc I like how it consistent between platforms)

If you’ve migrated the default branch of your git repository from master to main, please delete the master branch and ensure that the main branch is set as the default in your git remote host (e.g., GitHub, etc.) so people don’t accidentally base their contributions on the master branch.

If you do a git branch --move, you won’t have the above issue.

Here’s a good guide for all this, including updating your local settings so that git init uses main instead of master: hanselman.com/blog/easily-rena

When did Google start asking for this to watch age-restricted videos? (And how does having a credit card prove that I'm an adult?)

hackers online always threaten me with "i know your address" like ok dude ive known it since i was 6 i do not care

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