Dynamic types is like steak tartare from unknown caffe, it can be good as hell and you can spend a night on the toilet

I have no idea what I am doing, this hardware chip described by Intel's framework rohd (written in pure dart btw) and corresponding out waves to it. I need to learn a lot to do this with full understanding, but it's kinda fun

Critics of the Steam Deck have stated that the Deck “has no identity of its own”, partially because it “offers no exclusives”.

My brother in Christ, it can play almost any game produced within the last 40 years or so. Exclusives are a dumb concept to prop up walled gardens.

gonna say to my kids this is photo from nuclear apocalypse in russia

It's early morning in lipetsk and I spotted escooter sleeping in natural habitat

but can Buddha be inside 0 dimensional nice fellow? how many angels can dance on the head of 2 dimensional pin?

then you need emotional support after all this calls from putin

you are using tab management, I am using different browsers, we are not the same

На работе.

Из серии: "Некоторые люди, вообще не понимают что они делают за компьютером."

Собрание сотрудников с трансляцией через Teams.
На скриншоте видно, что человек при подключении, вместо своего имени ввёл пароль от компьютера. 🤭


At work.

"Some people don't understand what they're doing at the computer at all."

A staff meeting broadcast via Teams.
In the screenshot, you can see that the person entered the computer password instead of his name when connecting.

#teams #meeting @rf @ua

I am few weeks ago: my ps/2 couple decades old keyboard are fine
I am, after getting my first mechanical 60% keyboard: oh shit is lit only cople things need to do - change case, key caps, switches, add some lube and foam.......

I am speechless because I never saw most accurate representation of ideal family in my life

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