Just finished it takes two: beautiful, ingenious and super fun game. In my opinion it is the best Josef Fares game.

JEEzus, I can't believe NASA's greenlighted these people to work on their landing system. LOOKit this goddamn thing. It's like a rocketship from a bad old movie, like Fireball XL5 and the Steely Dan* had a baby.

*the dildo from Burroughs' "Naked Lunch", not the band.

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If you're wondering what HomeTown is, it's a fork of Mastodon that lets you post instance-only toots (so only people on your instance can see them).

You can find out more here:


#MastoTips #Mastodon #HomeTown

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"A 12-year-old desktop computer processing brute force combinations can crack a password with five lower-case letters and five numbers in 23 hours."

ahaha I typed serve web instead of surf web and it's not far from true if you know how big tech corpos are getting rich

cloud-based browser - mightyapp.com
maybe something better like for browsing you download full backend of websites you wish to surf?

humans are weird: their minds always full of buzzing thoughts and still, mostly they do things automatically without proper conscious

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